The Tax Man Cometh!

It’s here! The dreaded tax day! You knew it was coming but no matter how hard you tried, and we know you did, it still came out of nowhere and smacked you in the forehead, or perhaps you smacked yourself in the forehead for not being ready.   Its ok, we won’t tell. But let’s avoid the silly looking hand print next year.

FEL07242Keeping your documents properly organized is harder than it sounds. We recommend a Fellowes Storage Box. Durable, stackable and easy to carry, it makes storing and transporting the important stuff super easy. Saving all of your receipts is chore number two. Now if you happen to be one of those people that piles them all into a drawer until you can’t possibly get them out again, don’t fret. An Expanding File is the way to go. Throw in some Hanging File Tabs and you are now on your way to being completely ready for next year.

If you aren’t sure what you need save or have other questions regarding taxes and your small business, visit the IRS for information. After all they know everything!




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