Save Big, Go Foam!

Foaming soap is a diluted form of liquid hand soap that requires using less water,less chemicals to manufacturer,is easier on the environment,and saves money!  It’s that simple. “Save BIG, Go FOAM!”

Blog_Foam_HandWashingWe’re bubbling over with  great information from a new study conducted by Strategic Research Partners and  GOJO — Did you know that 10% more water is used when liquid soap is used in day-to-day hand washing activities?  That seems like a staggering number when you think about how many times a day we wash our hands (especially during cold and flu season!)

Making the switch to foaming soap is an easy way to come out ahead in your wallet while helping do your part in conservation efforts .  You can also help to minimize contamination and germs in higher traffic areas (like the office restroom)  and reduce waste by choosing the right dispenser.  You know, the kind that squishes out  ‘just the right’ amount of foaming soap for your hands and not the floor!

GOJ1312D4If you’re hesitating -Don’t!  There’s even a foaming soap starter kit with Everything you need to ‘get your foam on!” Here’s a Idea:  Buy several kits and make them your “green and wise” gift  for everyone on your shopping list this holiday season!

Some “Fun & Functional Facts” to consider:   Most users like the ‘feel’ of the foam soap better (Who doesn’t enjoy bubbles?)

Foaming Soap uses less solids than liquid soap therefore it ‘rinses’ cleaner and faster!  It’s also easier on  pipes and drainage- thus ‘eliminates’ drips, stains and clogs too (Remember: “Foam is Fluffy not Stuffy!”)Blog_Foam_water

Impress your friends, colleagues and loved ones with your Green-keen!  Your making a better planet while reducing waste  and growing your savings!

Remember after you make your purchases to write a Product Review on any of the products that we’ve mentioned!  Reviews get you entered in chance to win a $100 Shopping Spree and Drawing time is around the corner!


Cheers and Happy Shopping!






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