The Benji Factor

Have you ever thought about who is behind the scenes at and what a typical day in our office is like?  We are a diverse group of individuals with varied backgrounds and interests who come together daily with the primary goal of making better shopping experiences for our customers.  We know that other organizations have great people too but we  have  something going here that is less than typical.  We are the company with “Benji Factor.”

BenBen Jivan aka “Benji” is the company morale booster,greeter and occasional crumb-catcher.  Our canine colleague came to us a few short months ago after being rescued,fostered and officially adopted by a Team member.  From the first moment he bounced into our office Ben’s ‘specialness’ was unmistakable. He greeted each of us, all the while energetically wagging his tail, sporting an infectious smile!  The entire day he darted in and out of each office cubicle making himself known all without a single bark or ‘accident.’  It was unanimous – Benji’s presence in the office was an asset.  Within  days it was decided and  proclaimed Benji was welcome to come to ReStockIt every day!Ben3

Typical day for Benji includes enthusiastic greeting at arrival, effervescent escort to work space,playing tug-o-war,catch-the ball and rub-my-belly. Later in the morning he attends the managers meeting.  Then throughout the day he reminds us to look away from our computers every so often,stretch,walk,take little breaks to drink water or have a snack.   At lunchtime he takes team members out for a longer walk and is on a first name basis with most of our neighbors. Later in the day he takes a nap or finds a good sunny spot to simply lounge peacefully until it’s time to go home.

Having “Benji Factor”is another colorful example of  how takes a progressive,forward-thinking approach.  We’re the place where customers  choose to shop and tell their friends about and we thank you for continuing to be a part of the experience.


Cheers and Happy Shopping!



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