Back-to-school blogging has left me feeling nostalgic. It’s likely the reason that while prepping for this entry I reminisced about the game Rock-Paper-Scissors.  During my early school years this was the way we kids decided pretty much everything.  Blog_BTS_RPS_winRock-Paper-Scissors doesn’t use actual rocks,paper, or scissors.  Only hands, count to three: “Rock-smashed-scissors, scissors-cut-paper and paper-covers-rock.” Best out of three won. Without question Rock-Paper-Scissors Justice worked!  Now, in the present Rock is music, Paper means work, so where does that leave  Scissors ?  Good news, they’re  still for cutting and the winners are  Westcott®  scissors.  Teachers, Crafters , Professionals  and Students will find a wide variety of handle styles, assorted colors, tip styles and blade lengths – Westcott® are the way to go.

Blog_BTS_RPS_ACM15507How about some Camouflage Blunt or Camouflage Pointed  scissors?  They could be a great conversation piece, especially if  you’re just getting started at a new school!  Teachers, do your students need a softer touch?  Kids Anti Microbial Soft Handle Scissor Teachers Pack  include 12 pair in assorted colors.  While the  Antimicrobial Scissor Caddy  Blog_BTS_RPS_caddyincludes 24 pair of  5 inch blunt-tipped style, held together in four colorful, removable cups for easy storage and supply distribution.  Finally my personal favorite, for the grown-ups are the  Kleencut Shears.  I like these primarily because being left-handed, I find that lots of  ‘good’ scissors are made to be used with the right-hand only.   The straight, Kleencut Shears can be used both Lefty or Right-y and are an awesome “all-purpose” scissor to have handy.

Until the next time, keep your Product Reviews coming!  The next drawing will be here before you know it and someone will win a $100 Shopping Spree.

Cheers & Happy Shopping,


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