Hot ‘n Bothered

Did you know that  in the United States, July is considered to be the busiest month of the summer?  The majority of our kids are out of school (and so are  teachers),  we celebrate a National Holiday, most  Americans take vacation,travel and move during the month of July.  The temperature outside is rising, you’ve been feeling  hot, bothered and need to chill out.   Here’s an easy exercise you can try:  Close your eyes, inhale deeply and chant:  “I scream!  You scream!  We all scream for  Ice Cream!”   –it’s practically  a mantra!    “I Scream Therapy” is  “Ice Cream Therapy”  the  scoop is  that  July is also National Ice Cream Month”  the month where a chunk of  Rocky Road  could lead to dip  of  Neapolitan Nirvana. AUM!!

Blog_IceCream_SundaeOnce a luxury treat made of  mountain snow flavored with fruit juices for a select few of wealthy elite to enjoy,  ice cream is now  a summer tradition for everyday people.  Ice cream cones, ice cream cakes, parfaits, banana splits and sundaes  are scooped, spooned, savored — devoured.  It’s the coolest, most complimentary confection.  Personally I was stunned with the  treasure trove of bells,whistles and accessories available to enhance the “I Scream Therapy” experience  I mean the toppings alone — who knew that there are four different flavors of Torani Chocolate Sauce!   IBlog_IceCream_Partyt’s made me feel  down right “Ice Cream Social.”  As if an entire month of this jubilee isn’t enough, the third Sunday of the month is the actual  National Ice Cream Day.  

So if you’re looking to cool off this weekend why not  arrange  an ice cream tasting event  with friends, family and neighbors!  Each person brings a favorite  flavor or topping and for their contribution will  be able to sample some new flavor and classics that other participants bring as well.    Use plastic dessert cups  and taster spoons.   Don’t miss out on of an entire month of  getting your just desserts.





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