Happy Birthday, USA!

Glorious,majestic, magnificent star-spangled celebration that is July 4th!  We the people pull out all of the stops to commemorate the founding of our great nation in 1776.  Elaborate  fireworks displays, patriotic themed music concerts, plays, performances, speeches and parades all with decorations of  red, white and blue showered everywhere, displayed to show National Pride as the USA turns two-hundred thirty eight years  old.

Blog_July4_drinkTo help get in the Yankee Doodle spirit mix a  batch of  “Red,White and Blue Lemonade” a cold, refreshing recipe  that includes coconut milk & fresh mint! (Courtesy of  Miami Herald)  Serve  in  Glass Drinking Jars or in Red  Solo Cups.

My family and I are taking the boat to a small island on the river.  We’ll be picnicking, cooking out, swimming, playing volleyball and trivia games until it’s time for fireworks.
To RHP2245CPDIMtransport everything both directions  we get out the Rubbermaid containers. They’re our top choice because they’re strong, durable and keeps unwanted moisture out of our food, drinks and change of clothes.  Fireworks always looks better when you’re in the dry clothes  eating a big plate of dessert!   A friend’s making  a Flag sheet cake with fresh cream and  fruit.  We are making  “Pretzel Sparklers”the night before with the kids.Who knew  Pretzel Rods, Chopped up Baker’s chocolate (dark AND white)  melted, dipped then rolled into red white and blue sprinkles  could taste so amazing and be so easy to make!

So do you have plans or are you playing by ear to see what iBlog_July4_heartnvitations come your way?   We hope that you have a great July Fourth weekend, what ever you do or where ever you may find yourself.  Take a moment to  wish a Happy Birthday  to  America the  beautiful – stars and stripes forever!



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