Can liners save lives!

We’re all guilty of  adding  just one more bit of  garbage to the already  overstuffed trash, keeping fingers crossed that the bag doesn’t burst as we roll the can out to the sidewalk or dumpster.  Trash Bags, Garbage Bags, Tall Kitchen, Can liners sizes small, medium, large or Hefty – the fact is we all  use and abuse these portable polymers in our daily lives without  giving much thought to their  more MacGyver  applications and uses!

Blog_TrashTalk_UmbrellaInstant Emergency Rain Gear:  You’re having a great hair day, not a cloud in the sky, suddenly darkness and the heavens open up — your umbrella is not in it’s usual spot, that  Hefty Bag can serve as a poncho in a pinch.

Now let’s talk ‘Survivor’:  In an effort to commune with nature and show you’ve got the skills  to survive in the wilderness  you’ve  decided to rough it’ and try no frills camping!

For the Lightweight tying jobs around camp, trash bags can be cut into strips and tightly twisted into cords – it’ doesn’t take the place of heavy rope  but it works for light-duty tasks.

For the nature walk cut off small strips of a bag and tie them to brush or branches at eye level. This can create a trail to help you navigate your way back to camp.Blog_TrashTalk_Rain

Did another rainstorm find you and uncover a leak in the tent?   Not to worry, camp champ  it’s a cut-open trash bag on the roof that will keep you drier .  Place another one on  the ground to keep the dampness of the ground from seeping into your sleeping bags.  Lay down and relieve the aching muscles and headache. Ice inside your plastic pal creates an ideal cold compress.

Later,  tie  a colorful bag  to a pole,  stand it up in an open area to create a signal flag.  Tie the  bag  pole in two spots, and it will act like a windsock.  You will be found and taken back to civilization where  you will Glad-ly take out the trash every night without ever being asked.  One thing is certain, you are forever changed  and will never look at your garbage bag quite the same again.Blog_TrashTalk_Bags

*Please note : Any holes (including ones in this story) should be fixed with duct tape ! And a special thanks to Outdoor Life for providing much of the info here!





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