“ReStockIt.com is a Great Company!”

Recently ReStockIt ran a fun contest – a chance to win a Shopping Spree on our site.  All of our customers were eligible for entry,  any orders placed during the time of the contest that were over $200.00  were automatically entered.   When we announced our winner here’s what he had to say:

“I just placed my order for the shopping spree. Tried a lot of new things, so I may be ordering a wider variety of items in the future. ReStockIt is a great company that makes me feel that my business is valued. We have switched almost all our purchasing to you in the last two years. Thanks again. -Tom”

Thank you Tom for your kind words!

Tom  like so many of our customers owns a business and he knows that Restockit values his.  We’ve earned his trust, he’s given us more of his business, there’s a working relationship.  Sure, lots of Blog_SmallBusiness_enMotioncompanies run contests- they’re a great way to get people talking  about the business, encourage people to ‘check you out’- but another less talked about  reason  is to help  shoppers escape the mundaneness  often associated with the task of ordering  paper towels  . Not everyone gets excited about enmotion  dispensers, even though we think they’re pretty awesome.  

We promote sweepstakes and contests like our “Shopping Spree”  because entering contests is fun.  Everyone likes the chance to win  whether it’s  for their  boss, business or themselves.  Don’t forget  that a lot of new businesses begin while working other jobs.  So while you’re going about your duties, putting together a shopping list, envisioning a new business venture, know that we’re on your side and here to provide support.   Your passion for baking, ability to organize and clean, or the joy you find in the caring for other peoples children could be the vehicle that launches your next  venture.Blog_SmallBusiness_teamwork Remember a durable Windsor vacuum   for your business will keep floors spotless.  Whatever your dream remember to start small, finish big and keep us in mind as your partner in success.


Happy shopping,




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