Celebrating Dad!

Sunday is Father’s Day, it’s time to catch up on  some quality time with those great men in our lives that do so much for us every day.  We’ve been marinating on ideas that celebrate, honor and Blog_FathersDay_Breakfastindulge  Dad  while  including some  fun in the sun, fresh air and a little adventure in the mix.  The kids can  start his morning with breakfast in bed while you pack a  cooler  with cold drinks .  You can even  do a cook out but why not add a festive twist.Blog_FathersDay_Fishing

You could head towards the water for a  fishing  excursion  on a drift boat , fishing pier  or lake.  If Pops  is more of a landlubber make it a foresting adventure instead.  Go  hiking on nature trails, perhaps a nearby farm may be offering an  Edible Foraging tour.   Hunt  for nuts, berries, and other interesting munchables. Bring baskets, wear comfortable walking shoes and  prepare to gather up  the fun as you explore nature’s bounty.  

Dads are traditionally  recognized as  providers.  Their contributions are more often seen through their day-to-day routines  like going to work or helping with homework.  The gesture of  giving  him the awesome day he deserves will go far.  Whether  it’s mountain bBlog_FathersDay_Endiking, walking in the park,renting jet skis, a golf outing or even a Game of Catch.  Make his day even more special by  preparing a speech or toast that let’s Dad know how much he means to you. Happy Father’s Day!


Wishing you the Best! 





















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