The Calm Before The Storm

Hurricane Season is once again upon us. While some will mark this time as uneventful, many of us will be gearing up for the worst. Regardless of whether you are laughing in the face of danger or going into full on panic mode right now, there are a few basic things that you need to know.

Hurricanes can have winds exceeding 155 mph. It only takes winds of about 50mph to blow down a tree. (Depending on the tree of course.)

Blog_Hurricane_FloodIf you’re in a flood zone you are in for the long haul. Remember, what accumulates in a few hours, can sometimes take days to drain.

If the Electricity goes out, pretty much everything useful in your house will cease to function.

The bottom line here is BE PREPARED. Don’t wait for the storm to hit, stock up on supplies now. Otherwise you may find yourself standing in a flooded room under a newly formed skylight with no food or water, and a frantic feline clawing at your face for dear life! OK, that may be a tad dramatic but you get the picture.

is probably the most importing thing to have on hand. Used for drinking, bathing, flushing and probably a dozen other things, so you will want to have a lot of it. Then get extra just in case! Stock the pantry with lots of non-perishable food items like canned goods but don’t skimp on the snacks. Keebler Nutri-Grain Bars, Quaker Foods Granola Bars, and Planters Mixed Nuts are healthy alternatives to chips and cookies. Batteries will be your best friend when the lights go out. So keep a good supply of them close by. Paper Plates and Plastic Cups are easy and convenient when you don’t have water to clean dirty dishes.

In the end probably the best way to be prepared is to stay informed. Visit the National Hurricane Center for up to date news, forecasts and other resources to help get you through the 2014 Hurricane Season.


Stay safe out there!


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