Creating a Proper Dexter Kill Room

Dexter kill rooms require plastic. Lots of it.

When it comes to making the perfect “kill room”, Dexter doesn’t settle for sub-par materials. The perfect kill room consists of durable plastic wrap to cover every crevice of the room. He has to catch all the blood, prints and other forensic evidence from his kill.

Ordinary plastic wrap couldn’t withstand all that Dexter puts it through. From the intense room preparation to the gruesome murders, Dexter cannot risk having tears in the wrap or running out before covering the entire room and body.

Now we’re not suggesting this is the plastic Dexter uses, but the 4 millimeter thick film is high-density and tear resistant: just what is needed to withstand the bloodiest of his murders. This plastic prevents leaks so absolutely no blood or other “residue” will get onto the floor or walls.

Plus Dexter never has to worry about running out because this giant roll is 400 feet long!  He can cover the entire room with extra to spare to secure down the bodies.

Just look at all that plastic.

Dexter doesn’t stop there. The preparation for the perfect kill room takes a lot of work but what comes after is even more important, the disposal of the bodies.

In order to dispose the bodies, Dexter relies on the durability of garbage bags. The trash bags must be large enough and strong enough to hold these bodies without breaking or falling apart. Strong enough to prevent leaks so not even the smallest amount of blood can escape.

At a bare minimum, those bags have to hold up to make it onto the boat, and then into the ocean.

Dexter must use the most dependable of bags, with excellent resistance to punctures and tearing. Jaguar Plastic’s industrial strength bags are very heavy duty – and perfect for carrying heavy loads!

With a 60 gallon capacity he can fit the largest of bodies and body parts inside for a quick and easy disposal.

dexter bags

Preparing for a murder is no easy task. Dexter must find the most durable of plastic wrap and garbage bags for a successful killing. With no room for error, one drop of blood out of place or limb showing through the trash bag will ruin everything!

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