The Snacks That Define Us

So, I wanted to write a blog about the funny mugs that my office co-workers drank from during the day, so that I could demonstrate the uniqueness that is us, the ReStockIt employees. You’ve all seen the Halloween parties and Masquerade parties we like to throw, so you know we’re a fun-loving bunch. Tragically, we don’t extend that to our coffee mugs.


So I’ll just talk about the mugs we DO use, and break room ideas! We have a pretty cool break room, for the most part. We have an air hockey table, and TV, along with our puzzle table-it’s a big hit with IT- and we never want for coffee. What would be really awesome would be a snack machine. It wouldn’t necessarily have to have fun, yummy snack goodies that we all know are terrible for us.


There are such things as vending machines that sell fruit, organic chips and other snacks, and that is something that I would love to have in our break room at work! During our once-monthly birthday/anniversary celebrations, we try to have only healthy food to snack on, like yogurt, granola, a veggie tray, and whole grain chips and salsa. Wow, I just made myself really hungry. What can you do to have smart eating choices in your break room?


What's your opinion?

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