The New Kid

THe new kid

Once upon a time, in an office much like your own, there was a new kid in town. At first, he didn’t realize there was something different that set him apart from the others, but they knew. Where they were metal and box-like, with a white glossy sheen, he was round and smoke-colored. When towels were pulled from them, they came out in a clump, and sometimes even ripped!

The new kid, well, his towels came out smooth and they never ripped, except where they were supposed to. Because of that, his friends in the office didn’t have to touch anything but the towels, so he felt great pride in guarding them against those silly human sicknesses. The boxes watched from their positions on the wall and fumed. Who did this new kid think he was? They, the boxes, ruled this office!

The old kids

The boxes conspired to trip up the new kid, who was happily hanging on the wall by the kitchen sink, doing his job. They whispered along the box-network after the office shut down for the night, but to no avail-there was nothing they could do to trip up the new dispenser; he was untrippable! Even the old boxes grew to admire how easy it was to change out his towels, and the ease in which his towels flowed. Not to mention that he needed his towels replaced a lot less than they did.

Then the day came when the boxes realized they were being replaced with more new kids. At first, there was panic, then the realization dawned that they could take it easy now, and relax. The new kid and his new friends would take care of the humans in the office, and much better than they could. They were happy to hand over the keys to the new kids, and live out the remainder of their lives in a storage room, retired.

The end.



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