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Creating a Proper Dexter Kill Room

Dexter kill rooms require plastic. Lots of it.

When it comes to making the perfect “kill room”, Dexter doesn’t settle for sub-par materials. The perfect kill room consists of durable plastic wrap to cover every crevice of the room. He has to catch all the blood, prints and other forensic evidence from his kill.

Ordinary plastic wrap couldn’t withstand all that Dexter puts it through. From the intense room preparation to the gruesome murders, Dexter cannot risk having tears in the wrap or running out before covering the entire room and body.

Now we’re not suggesting this is the plastic Dexter uses, but the 4 millimeter thick film is high-density and tear resistant: just what is needed to withstand the bloodiest of his murders. This plastic prevents leaks so absolutely no blood or other “residue” will get onto the floor or walls.

Plus Dexter never has to worry about running out because this giant roll is 400 feet long!  He can cover the entire room with extra to spare to secure down the bodies.


Just look at all that plastic.

Dexter doesn’t stop there. The preparation for the perfect kill room takes a lot of work but what comes after is even more important, the disposal of the bodies.

In order to dispose the bodies, Dexter relies on the durability of garbage bags. The trash bags must be large enough and strong enough to hold these bodies without breaking or falling apart. Strong enough to prevent leaks so not even the smallest amount of blood can escape.

At a bare minimum, those bags have to hold up to make it onto the boat, and then into the ocean.

Dexter must use the most dependable of bags, with excellent resistance to punctures and tearing. Jaguar Plastic’s industrial strength bags are very heavy duty – and perfect for carrying heavy loads!

With a 60 gallon capacity he can fit the largest of bodies and body parts inside for a quick and easy disposal.

dexter bags

Preparing for a murder is no easy task. Dexter must find the most durable of plastic wrap and garbage bags for a successful killing. With no room for error, one drop of blood out of place or limb showing through the trash bag will ruin everything!


Create Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Home

Looking for ways to recycle your toilet paper rolls? Our tips help recycle and turn a boring, old toilet paper roll into a useful household item or craft project.

Desk Organizer

tp roll pencil

By using toilet paper rolls and glue, you now have a perfect desk organizer. Attach as many toilet paper rolls together as you’d like and place on your desk as a great place to store pencils, pens and scissors. Use paint to decorate the rolls to match any room or office. Buying desk organizers in the store can be costly but with this simple craft you can have an organized desk for little to no cost.


Wall Arttp roll wall art

There are many ways to decorate your wall with toilet paper rolls. Flatten the roll and cut into bands. Pop them open a bit so you have a flower pedal shape. Continue doing this with as many toilet paper rolls as you would like, until you have enough pedals to make a flower. Glue them to a canvas in the shape of a flower. The more bands you use the larger your flower will be. Or, you can glue them together in any pattern you’d like and hang them to your wall.

Power Cord Storage

tp roll Cord-StorageYou can use toilet paper rolls as a cheap and convenient way to keep all your power cords together and tangle free! Toilet paper rolls are easy to decorate and can be placed in drawers or even attached to a desk or wall. Perfect for kitchen appliances, hair straighteners, computer chargers and any other electronic device you have that needs to be kept neatly.

Noise makertp roll noise maker

For this project all you will need are toilet paper rolls, duct tape, milk bottle caps and beans or anything you’d like to use inside that will make noise. Simply take the toilet paper roll, place a milk bottle cap on one end and use the tape to attach the cap to the roll. Place the beans inside and attach another cap to the other end and you have a perfect noise maker. This fun and easy craft is great for kids and they will love bringing their finished noise maker to sporting events.

Bird feeder

tp roll bird feeder

Take a toilet paper roll and cover it with peanut butter. Then simply cover it with bird seeds and use string to hang it outdoors or place it on a tree branch. This makes a great bird feeder and kids will love making them and watching the birds come eat from their feeder.


The Snacks That Define Us

So, I wanted to write a blog about the funny mugs that my office co-workers drank from during the day, so that I could demonstrate the uniqueness that is us, the ReStockIt employees. You’ve all seen the Halloween parties and Masquerade parties we like to throw, so you know we’re a fun-loving bunch. Tragically, we don’t extend that to our coffee mugs.


So I’ll just talk about the mugs we DO use, and break room ideas! We have a pretty cool break room, for the most part. We have an air hockey table, and TV, along with our puzzle table-it’s a big hit with IT- and we never want for coffee. What would be really awesome would be a snack machine. It wouldn’t necessarily have to have fun, yummy snack goodies that we all know are terrible for us.


There are such things as vending machines that sell fruit, organic chips and other snacks, and that is something that I would love to have in our break room at work! During our once-monthly birthday/anniversary celebrations, we try to have only healthy food to snack on, like yogurt, granola, a veggie tray, and whole grain chips and salsa. Wow, I just made myself really hungry. What can you do to have smart eating choices in your break room?



The Incredible Can of Canned Air

Canned air has become an office staple for cleaning your keyboard, dusting your CPU tower, and blowing all the dust bunnies off your desk. You’d be hard-pressed to find an IT department that doesn’t have a case or two lying around, and if they tell you they don’t have any then they’re lying to you. They just don’t want to give up the goods.


I was spraying down my keyboard the other day (bagel Friday-don’t judge) and I thought about what other jobs canned air is used for. I use it at home to clean blinds, fans, and spray off the top of my kitchen cabinets and a co-worker uses them to dust her silk plants, but what else are they good for? A quick internet search came up with a plethora of ideas, from the brilliant to the hilarious.

  1. Blow dust off of delicate models such as cars, boats, and doll houses. Have you ever tried to Pledge a miniature china hutch?
  2. Blowing out the dust bunnies behind the two ton entertainment center that you will never move
  3. Spraying the crumbs your child left behind in the backseat of your car/van/SUV
  4. Freezing gum on a carpet for easy removal. I wonder if that works with hair…
  5. If you cut hair for a living, it works to blow hair off your clients neck better than a hairdryer. Just don’t give them freezer burn.
  6. Giving a boost to your straw-blow gun during a game of Office Domination. That is so not cheating…
  7. Blowing spiders out of the side-view mirrors on your car. The little suckers always seem to hide in there.
  8. Airing out your cubicle during a…methane…leak. Yeah.
  9. You know how your cat tends to sit on the keyboard when you’re trying to work? One quick burst is painless. Scary, but painless.
  10. Saving the Eiffel Tower from an evil sock monkey

The Battle


10 Ways to Organize and Decorate with Clipboards

Looking for simple and cost effective ways to organize your home? Here are 10 fun ways to use a clipboard to help you organize and decorate. From finding a place to hang family photos to leaving notes for your kids where they will be seen and organizing those ever dreadful grocery lists, a clipboard can be your solution for all those needs. 

All you will need are clipboards and your imagination to make these ideas come to life!

Kid’s Chore Chart

clipboard chores

Make a clipboard for each of your children. Use the clipboard to leave them chore lists or to-do lists each morning. You can use fun stickers to check off when each task is completed. When they have done all their chores, the clipboard is a perfect place to leave their allowance. Can also be used to monitor that their homework and school assignments get completed as well.


Grocery Plannerclipboard grocery list

Attach magnets to a clipboard as great way to hang your grocery and shopping lists to the refrigerator. This will help you stay organized throughout the week and make grocery shopping quick and easy. It is also a great place to hang coupons you find and match them up to your shopping lists

Pantry Organizer

clipboard pantry

Hate digging through your pantry before every shopping trip to see what you need? This is an easy solution! Hang a clipboard on your pantry door with your grocery list attached so you can quickly and easily add anything to the list when it runs out! Attach a pen to the top of the clipboard and you’re ready to go. This can also be used to store coupons and recipes so everything you need is all in one easy and convenient spot.

Office Wall Organizerclipboard office

Use decorative paper, ribbons, stickers, whatever your heart desires to make a plain clipboard match the décor of your room or office. Hang these “works of art” above your desk as great way to stay organized and hang important papers and reminders.

Photo Gallery

clipboard photo gallery

Use as many clipboards as you like to display beautiful family photos. Ordinary photo collages can get very costly and are a pain to take down when its time to update the photos. This is a simple, fun and inexpensive way to decorate your walls and hang photos that can easily be changed.

Kids Art Displayclipboard kids art

School is right around the corner and your kids will once again start bringing home paintings and art projects they want displayed at home. Use clipboards to make an art gallery for your children’s work. You can paint the clipboard  to match the décor in your home.

Event Countdown Clipboard

clipboard countdown

Decorate your clipboards to have a countdown to important events. Each day remove a number until the big day is finally here. This is perfect for classrooms, as a countdown to summer, or in the home to countdown the days till a big family vacation or even the holidays. It is a great way to get everyone involved and excited about a big day!

Family Reminder Notesclipboard reminders

These fun clipboards are great in a mudroom or entryway to the home. Assign each child or family member a clipboard (or for a good craft project have your kids decorate their own!). Use these clipboards to leave notes and messages to each other and add a hook where backpacks, lunchboxes and keys can be hung!


clipboard gift

Clipboards are a great gift for anyone! Decorate the clipboard to match their personality, profession or interests by using rhinestones, scrapbook paper, paint, or however you see fit. It’s a great gift for teacher appreciation, your child’s sports coach or even a coworker or friend.

Birthday Calendarclipboard birthday

 Don’t be the person who forgets your friends and family members birthdays anymore! This easy and fun birthday calendar is a great way to stay organized so you never forget a birthday again. Easy to rotate month-to-month so it can be used year after year.


Paper Plate Crafts for Kids

Stuck at home on a hot summer day with restless kids? Looking for some ideas that can help keep them occupied while you kick back, relax, and enjoy a nice refreshing iced tea? Well we’re here to provide you with some fun arts & crafts idea that will keep the kids busy and leave you headache-free.

The best part? The only materials you will need are some construction paper, markers, glue sticks, and white paper plates.You won’t even need to leave your house for these great ideas!

Paper Plate Animals

Paper Plate Animals

The number of animals you can create from paper plates is so vast, it’s shocking! There are so many fun and creative ways that you can use paper plates to make yourself an entire zoo. We’re providing you with just a sample of fun and awesome crafts your kids will love to make.

Paper Plate Ring TossPaper Plate Ring Toss

Summertime is all about fun and games. Get ready for some family fun with this easy to make ring toss game. Kids can enjoy painting and cutting their rings and assembling this game all on their own!  All you will need are paper plates and a paper towel tube for hours of fun.


Paper Plate Flowers

Paper Plate FlowersFlowers are blooming throughout the summer months and with just a few household supplies, your kids will be able to show their creativity by making these fun paper plate flowers. Kids can use their imagination and make an assortment of different flowers.

Paper Plate Masks(do a play while your at it!)Paper Plate Mask

Here’s a great idea to keep your kids entertained all day. Using their plates, they can create a variety of masks. Then when they’re finished with these creations, they can create their very own plays and act them out for the whole family to enjoy!

Paper Plate Holiday Decorations

Paper Plate Snowman

It may only be summer, but the holidays are right around the corner, and before you know it Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are here. From pumpkins, turkeys, snowmen and even Santa, many fun holiday crafts start with a simple paper plate. Want an inexpensive yet endearing way to decorate the house this holiday season? Have your kids make these adorable crafts.

Paper Plate Dream catchersDreamcatcher

Dream catchers date back to ancient times when the Ojibwa people would weave them and hang them over the cradles of newborn children to provide infants with peaceful and beautiful dreams. This craft will give your kids a fun little history lesson while also giving them the comforting promise of happy dreams

Paper Plate Purses

Plate HandbagAny mom who has a daughter who considers herself a mini-fashionista will love this tip. Using paper plates, your daughter can create her very own purse, and even design the outside to look like Coach or Burberry. (If only designer purses were so simple to obtain!)

Paper Plate Frisbeefrisbee

Here’s a great craft to keep your kids active inside and then give them something fun to do outside as well! Frisbees are a classic summer activity. Now your kids can create your own and test them out in the backyard.



The New Kid

THe new kid

Once upon a time, in an office much like your own, there was a new kid in town. At first, he didn’t realize there was something different that set him apart from the others, but they knew. Where they were metal and box-like, with a white glossy sheen, he was round and smoke-colored. When towels were pulled from them, they came out in a clump, and sometimes even ripped!

The new kid, well, his towels came out smooth and they never ripped, except where they were supposed to. Because of that, his friends in the office didn’t have to touch anything but the towels, so he felt great pride in guarding them against those silly human sicknesses. The boxes watched from their positions on the wall and fumed. Who did this new kid think he was? They, the boxes, ruled this office!

The old kids

The boxes conspired to trip up the new kid, who was happily hanging on the wall by the kitchen sink, doing his job. They whispered along the box-network after the office shut down for the night, but to no avail-there was nothing they could do to trip up the new dispenser; he was untrippable! Even the old boxes grew to admire how easy it was to change out his towels, and the ease in which his towels flowed. Not to mention that he needed his towels replaced a lot less than they did.

Then the day came when the boxes realized they were being replaced with more new kids. At first, there was panic, then the realization dawned that they could take it easy now, and relax. The new kid and his new friends would take care of the humans in the office, and much better than they could. They were happy to hand over the keys to the new kids, and live out the remainder of their lives in a storage room, retired.

The end.




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