The Walking Dead: ReStockIt Redux

What if some of your favorite characters didn’t have to die?


When the Governor handcuffs you and leaves you in a room with a dying man, it seems like a pretty impossible situation right? Wrong. If Andrea had only been carrying a handy multi-tool, she would’ve been able to pick her way out of the cuffs right in time to use the knife tool and save herself from Zombie Milton.

t-dog dying

T-Dog didn’t stand a chance in the dark. If he and Carol had been carrying a flashlight, they might’ve spotted the zombies in the dark in time to get away!


Nobody said that being pregnant during a zombie apocalypse would be easy. But poor Lori had to suffer through giving birth with just Maggie’s dirty knife and hands to help. They needed a first aid kit, desperately…and some Purell sanitizer wouldn’t have hurt either.


Defenseless Amy didn’t give that zombie much of a fight. Even a steak knife could’ve given her an ounce of hope! You would think that the show’s writers would have granted her a fighting chance!


Daryl and Carol both wished they had walkie-talkies when she was trapped in a room, leaving Daryl to think the worst. That was very selfish of you, Carol. Next time let him know where you are, over.


All the time spent looking for little Sophia might’ve prevented her zombie demise if they had a nice pair of long-distance binoculars to spot the girl. Even ultimate-tracker Daryl could’ve used a little help!


There’s no denying that Rick fell off his rocker right after Lori’s death. But maybe he was envisioning his dead wife’s presence due to malnourishment and dehydration. Everybody in the zombie apocalypse could use some water bottles and good ole’ cereal.


Michonne is a very angry and hostile woman. Give her a break though, she’s been fending for herself during the whole zombie outbreak; She was stuck in the middle of a forest with just Andrea and some armless, jawless zombies as companions. That’s no fun! Maybe she could use some comfort, like a good roll of toilet paper to cheer her up.

merleMerle is constantly making people mad. He is always isolating himself from the rest of the group with his ignorant comments and behavior. If anyone could use a fresh roll of duct tape, it’s Merle. If he doesn’t have the self control to know when to stop talking, maybe some tape over the mouth could do the job.


The Governor isn’t having the best time since Rick and the crew became his neighbors. He lost his zombie daughter and his right eye within 30 seconds of each other, and at the hands of his enemy Michonne. Maybe if you had been wearing a pair of safety glasses this could’ve all been prevented, huh Philip?

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