Spring has Sprung (finally)!!

Ah, spring. Days of warming, and nights of mildness, with flowers and trees starting to bud. No doubt about it, Spring is a beautiful season! Seedlings are being planted in the north, and down here in the south, they are being transplanted into the outdoors, reading to spread cheer to all.

I love gardens and gardening, but I can’t keep anything not food alive. I can grow vegetables and herbs with no problem, but flowers? Uh-uh, not happening. No matter how little or how much I water them, it’s futile. Even when I start them in a cold frame or greenhouse, they look great until about two weeks after I put them in the ground.

Spring Blog Completed

I feed my plants, I talk to them, I make sure to rake away the leaves and other things that would hinder nutrients getting to them, and use other tools of the trade to keep them weed free and healthy. As long as they’re vegetable plants and herbs, that is. There’s nothing like a mild Spring morning out in the garden!

Gardens are a source of happiness and calmness for a lot of people. Whether you have a planter box outside your window or a massive garden that takes more effort to care for than you have space in your tool shed, gardens are spectacular! Do you garden? What’s your favorite garden style?


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backgardendesignsideas.landscapeideasanddesign.com –

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