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Cinco de Mayo!

Planning a party for Cinco de Mayo? What a better place to get your party supplies! No matter what type of party you’re planning, we got the goods for you! Wine glasses, margarita glasses, plates, servers…we got it all, and probably stuff you didn’t think you needed.

I’m not a “big” party planner, meaning I like small, intimate affairs, but summer parties (yes, early May is considered summer in South Florida) tend to get bigger, because we’ve got the pool, and the sun, and outdoor grills going, so Cinco de Mayo is usually the first big party of the year for us.

This Cinco will be no different. If I could invite you all, I would, but I can show you what I’ll be using at the party and it’ll be just like you were there!



The Art of Silverware

If I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again – I love art work that uses unusual mediums. Not just art work either, but repurposed items too. Give me a tin coffee can and the best I can do is nail it to some driftwood and call it a planter, so people who can turn flatware into a work of art have my vote. Check out the images below for some truly interesting artwork!



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Eat at Joe’s… break-room.

When you have a business, you have a place for your employees to gather on breaks, even if it’s the size of a half bath. Somewhere where a coffee pot sits, maybe a microwave is crowded onto a shelf, and possibly a mini-fridge where your employees can put their meals. No matter where I’ve worked, there has been some kind of set-up, whether it was grand or…not-so-grand.

We have a pretty nice break room here at ReStockIt, and tons of coffee. That’s the important thing. We also have the basics like a full-size fridge, two microwaves, two toasters, a toaster oven, and this hot water thingy that the tea lovers use. Frankly, it scares me, but I don’t drink tea. We also have comfy chairs, a TV, an air hockey table…you get the picture.


Most employers usually provide disposables, and personally I like knowing I don’t have to bring in my own plate, utensils, and coffee mug to get broken or, let’s face it, stolen. Not that we have cup thieves here, but it happens. Opening a cupboard in the break room and having a full complement of plates, bowls, utensils and napkins is a blessing!

Some employers also provide food, which I think is fabulous but not in every businesses budget. I worked for a company that had a full cafeteria and that was amazing! There, the food was provided for us, but a friend of mine works for a company where they pay for their food at a deep discount and use their time badge to pay for it (it gets taken out of their paychecks), which I find very convenient. Cereal, chips, cookies, soups…even sandwiches and salads were provided! No matter what type of break room you have for your employees, take it from me, they appreciate the space! Check out today for breakroom deals and discounts! 


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Picnic on Earth Day!

Monday is Earth Day, a day to raise social consciousness about our lovely and bountiful home planet. I could go into the politics about Earth Day, but I really don’t want to ruin anyone’s day. I’m not the best environmentally conscious person out there, but I do try to be cognizant of my and my family’s impact on our world.

What better way to celebrate Earth than to have a picnic, surrounded by her beauty? Spend a day outdoors, reading, playing football, walking on trails, maybe getting a jump on Arbor Day and planting a tree, put in some new flowers…man, makes me want to head out now!

I’m sure you may be thinking to yourself how to have a picnic and still honor Earth Day, a traditional “green” holiday? Easy, with recyclable plates and cups! Many manufacturers’ offer recycled products or products made from renewable resources like sugar cane, so that we can shrink our carbon footprint.

No matter how you celebrate Earth Day, or even if you don’t, just keep in mind that if we all recycle, and try to use as many recyclable products, products made from recycled materials and renewable resources, we’ll be able to celebrate a healthy Earth for many millennia’s to come! Happy Earth Day!



Don’t Be a Dull Person!

We all know how to finish that sentence. Even though its been around a long time, most of us equate it with a smirking Jack Nicholson with crazy eyes, and frankly that’s not a look I’m going for. Its been proven that a little bit of “play” during the work day makes for a more productive employee. You get some break away time, take a fifteen minute break and put a puzzle together, or surf the internet for a new pair of shoes (a woman’s way of playing, for the most part). No matter what it is, outside of illegal activities, people need some play.

Even if you love your job, you reach a point where you need a non-work related distraction. Something to clear the mind, turn your focus to something besides the spreadsheet or document that you’ve been staring at for two hours. A lot of companies have a no Internet policy, so you can’t do that, but you can have a desk toy!

For the longest time, I have wanted a desk toy. A mini billiards table, that obnoxious ball clacker thingy, even a zen garden would work! But I keep procrastinating, and still haven’t bought one. Seeing as though I don’t want the Jack Torrence look of insanity, I decided to finally look for something, and I came across tons of toys I can use at my desk. Now I just have to choose one…


Tax Procrastinators Unite!

For once, I’ve already done my taxes for the year, and the money is long gone already. However, I am usually a tax procrastinator, waiting until the very last possible minute to do them, and that usually involved waiting in line at H&R Block for, well, forever.

Then I started doing my own taxes, first using the myriad forms and mailing them in, and now I’ve moved on to online tax preparation that pairs with my accounting software, of which I use Quickbooks at home. SO much easier than the old days of waiting in line.

Tax Blog Complete

If you’re like I used to be (and still sometimes am), you wait until the absolute last minute to do your taxes, and are scrambling to get that appropriate time stamp on the envelope. Or you request an extension. Trust me, you are not alone.

Are you still using paper forms? We can help! We have a full complement of tax forms, envelopes, ledgers and even your favorite pen to write it all out! Don’t forget to check out our selection of financial software to help whip your bookkeeping into shape and make next year’s tax time a breeze.



Internet Shopping Fun!

So I’m going to go a little off our own little patch of happy office supplies, and move on to the exciting and infinitely shoppable Etsy.  I adore Etsy – its fun, funky, quirky, vintage and there is something for everyone, whether you’re hippy-dippy or geektacular.  There hasn’t been one time that I’ve gone to Etsy and NOT found something to buy.

Today I went looking for vintage office supplies in addition to artwork for my son’s room. I also found some interesting old office paperwork that would go quite nicely with the work scrapbook I keep thinking about starting…big procrastinator that I am. Don’t look for that anytime soon.

Etsy Blog Complete

Special Thanks and Photo Credits go to:
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Spring has Sprung (finally)!!

Ah, spring. Days of warming, and nights of mildness, with flowers and trees starting to bud. No doubt about it, Spring is a beautiful season! Seedlings are being planted in the north, and down here in the south, they are being transplanted into the outdoors, reading to spread cheer to all.

I love gardens and gardening, but I can’t keep anything not food alive. I can grow vegetables and herbs with no problem, but flowers? Uh-uh, not happening. No matter how little or how much I water them, it’s futile. Even when I start them in a cold frame or greenhouse, they look great until about two weeks after I put them in the ground.

Spring Blog Completed

I feed my plants, I talk to them, I make sure to rake away the leaves and other things that would hinder nutrients getting to them, and use other tools of the trade to keep them weed free and healthy. As long as they’re vegetable plants and herbs, that is. There’s nothing like a mild Spring morning out in the garden!

Gardens are a source of happiness and calmness for a lot of people. Whether you have a planter box outside your window or a massive garden that takes more effort to care for than you have space in your tool shed, gardens are spectacular! Do you garden? What’s your favorite garden style?


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Pen Addicts Unite!

Ah, pens.  Nothing in the office supply world quite engenders a heated debate like pens. People are serious about them, okay? And don’t get me wrong, I’m not condemning. I have been in more debates about the merits of Papermate versus Pilot than you can shake a stick at! I love my pens. I have favorites. I get angry when they go missing.  I don’t even like it when my husband takes a pen off my desk at home. I’m sure my expression resembles something like a wolf’s does when another animal approaches its kill. That’s my theory anyway, because he usually backs away slowly, his hands stretched out in front of him in submission.

People take pens so seriously that I have witnessed a meltdown when one they’ve ordered online came in incorrectly. Whether it’s the wrong color, the wrong thickness, the wrong barrel color…it’s not a pretty sight. Oddly enough, I find myself almost rooting for the outlandish response. I would be so miffed if I ordered a pen and it was incorrect!  I have ordered clothes that were sent incorrectly and not been so mad.  Pen addicts, or connoisseurs if you prefer (I do. The other way makes me feel dirty), take their writing instruments very seriously. Whether its ball point ink or gel, fine or broad tip, comfort soft grip or straight barrel, there is a method to the madness.

Strangely enough, and I don’t know how many people are out there like me, I buy pens just to buy them. I have my favorite, the brand that I have bought for years in the ink color and tip size that makes me happy every time I write with it, but I still buy “other” pens. Most I don’t even use more than once, but try and borrow the thing from me. I’ll need a copy of your photo I.D. please. My desk drawers have pens rolling around, all capped, all waiting for me, in more colors than a rainbow. When I see a new pen I haven’t seen before, I buy it. I don’t need it, but…it’s a pen! I have to have it!

What puts us on this path to find ink perfection? Are we all closet perfectionists or have massive cases of OCD? Who knows? I’m not spending money in therapy to find out. One of my favorite movies even highlights the love a lot of people have for pens. It illustrates that if we have something worthwhile to write about, we want to have our favorite pen (and the best writing paper-but that’s another blog) to do so. In Roxanne, Rick Rossovich is coercing Steve Martin into writing a letter to Daryl Hannah, and he tells him “Get your favorite pen”, because even a moose like Rick Rossovich (his character, not him per se) knows that to do the work properly, you have to have your favorite pen.


The Secrets of the Garage

Is your garage more of a storage unit than, well, a garage? Is it full of boxes and furniture instead of a car or two? Are your shelves bowing under the considerable weight of memories past? Do you ever wonder what’s buried in that dark corner under the canvas tarp? Do you WANT to know what’s under there?

If your garage is anything like mine, then no, you really don’t. I’ve talked on this blog about how organized I am (or have deluded myself into thinking I am), but my garage is scary with a capital S. The only part that makes any sense is my laundry area. Other than that, I could have a whole colony of gnomes living amongst the leaning boxes and humped piles of storage bags.

My big spring cleaning project is garage organization, and frankly I’m terrified of what I’m going to find. I’m trying to psych myself up to it by treating it as an archaeological dig and we’re looking for the Ark of the Covenant or a crystal skull, but I haven’t made progress with that. What I have made progress with is starting to purchase the tools we’ll need to get it organized and hopefully stay organized! After I talk myself into NOT saving everything.

I’ve taken the liberty of listing a few of the things that I’m picking up to get the garage in shape, so hopefully they’ll benefit you as well. Happy organizing!

Shelving – sturdy shelving, preferable with doors, is the first step in successful garage organization. It can take the weight, and instead of seeing paint cans strewn everywhere, you see nice, neat doors.

Organizers –  Specifically wall mounted ones. They are perfect for hanging mops, brooms, rakes, etc. Most have latches AND hooks, so you can hang rope and extension cords as well.

Work spaces –  We’re purchasing a mobile work station instead of building one. Its more convenient for us, as neither one of us plays with power tools to build things, and we can move it around the garage for more space.

Garbage Cans – Heavy duty and not prone to breaking. We bought two of the Rubbermaid Brute garbage cans and they contain all of our refuse until garbage pickup.

Storage – Bins and boxes. Perfect for everything from books and albums to nails and screws. You can’t go wrong with a hefty supply of both. Plus, you can use them up in your attic and turn that room into scary hoarding storage space.


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