April Fools…Soon.

We like to laugh here at ReStockIt, and what time is better to laugh than April Fool’s Day? The quintessential prank day (with mysterious origins) has always been a favorite of mine, and office pranks just make work life more interesting. Today, we bring to you some classic office pranks, and a few new ones you might not have seen before.

Personally, I like the crime scene- to me, that one is just hilarious. I would be freaked out if I came in to work in the morning, and my office had a body outline on the floor with evidence tags and police caution tape! One I hadn’t seen before was the mouse in Jello –what?!?! That one made me gawp at the screen. Brilliant!

SaranWrap in doorways (or on toilets), hot sauce on tacos, prank voicemail messages, heck, just a plain ol’ “April Fool’s!” note or text to make someone wonder what the joke was, are all excellent pranks to pull on people. Below, we present some pranks for your perusal. Enjoy!

prank blog 1

prank blog 2

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