Mobile Storage

In our very hectic lives, we turn to computers to help simplify them. We make lists, create spreadsheets, fax, email…you name it, we use a computer to do it. Well, except to wash dishes and clothes, which frankly would be phenomenal if someone can figure THAT out.

So what do we do when we’re going to be away from our digital vault of our lives? We load it all onto a USB flash drive. No matter what you call them – flash drives, jump drives, thumb drives- they are the new storage device that we carry with us to access all our important data.

USB Strip Complete

Gone are the days of the floppy disk and diskettes. Even CD’s are becoming obsolete as data storage devices now that flash drives are dropping in price and gaining more storage – all while becoming even smaller than they already are. Some are so tiny; I’m scared they’d get lost!

We can even express our individuality through our flash drives. My husband’s favorite flash drive is his Boba Fett. Mine is my StormTrooper. I also have one that’s kind of fancy looking, that I use if I have a meeting or a presentation to give. No matter what your personal preference, or what you use it for, flash drives are our new best friends!


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