Wedding Fever!

Ah, spring is in the air. Well, in some places anyway, and wedding planning is in full swing! Inspired by our own ReStockIt wedding that is being planned by a co-worker, I thought it appropriate to dedicate today’s blog to weddings. ReStockIt has TONS of stuff to plan a wedding and save you money!

I admit it, I’ve been married twice. I had the big wedding for my first marriage, and a small intimate one for my second. The first one was nice, since I went to a full service wedding venue, and I didn’t have to worry about much except picking out my colors and flowers. My second one was a little more stressful because we decided to do it all ourselves. Who knew picking the right glasses would be so time-consuming??


However, not to deter anyone that is thinking it’s too much to plan an intimate wedding on your own, it was well worth everything we went through. Knowing that we bought those table cloths, and those candles, and that dinner ware, and that everyone thought it was beautiful made it so much better than when someone planned it for me.

Having chafing dishes and warmers made all the difference. We made our own food, and this way we kept it warm without having to run back and forth to the kitchen, and it was cheaper to buy and then resell them, than it was to rent them! There is so much you can do for your wedding, and we would love to help! Don’t forget to visit the site and see all the ways we can help make your wedding day beautiful!


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