Entertainment for the Masses!

In my house, technology rules. TV, movies, Internet, games, and music – we have it, and we try to have the best. Don’t get me wrong, we don’t spend hours glued to the TV, but we do enjoy our movies, sit-coms, culinary shows, and HGTV. I can’t live without House Hunters and Property Brothers.

My husband and son are all about their PlayStation 3’s. They play together, so they get father-son time, and they play separately. I read while they do that. Or I watch a TV show on my Kindle or laptop. My external hard drive is where all our movies are stored, and it’s a plug and play so I just have to plug the USB into my laptop and I’m good to go.


Music is the other determining factor in our lives. Between the three of us, we listen to everything! Country, rock, dubstep, hard rock, dance…I could go on and on. For this, we have a really good shelf system with an MP3 dock, so any one of us can just pop in our players and listen to what we want.

Of course, when we watch movies on the TV, we have a great Blu-Ray player, along with a surround sound system. I scoffed at the surround sound (much like I did digital cameras and Blu-Ray players), but it just sounds odd now when I watch TV without it. Plus, when you watch scary movies like I do, surround sound picks up on all those ambient sounds that you wouldn’t hear normally. Which, come to think about it, is a blessing/curse kind of thing…


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