To Tablet or Not to Tablet…

Just like the digital camera and Blu-Ray revolution, I fought the advent of e-readers and tablets. Why? Well, we have laptops and netbooks and smartphones, so why do we need another electronic device to keep track of? If you want small, you get a netbook. If you want even smaller, you get a Samsung Note II or Galaxy 3, with the added benefit of talking and texting to people. Why get a tablet?

Never mind the fact that I am a bibliophile. I always joke that if I built a house, it would consist of a huge kitchen and a bigger library! I’m a published author, and books have been my life since I was ten years old. Why would I give them up for something digital? Famous last words…


My husband got me a Kindle Fire HD for Christmas, and my reading life has not been the same since! Surprisingly enough, I use it a lot more than I ever thought I would, and that’s just reading. I take it with me everywhere I go, which means I am never without something to read.

And it’s like my phone; I love to dress it up and get accessories for it! Chargers, cases, skins…it doesn’t matter. I know that the iPad has more accessories, but I just love my Kindle. I can play games, watch movies through Netflix and HuluPlus, email, Facebook…everything that I need to do to stay connected! I’ve been brought over to the dark side…


What's your opinion?

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