Fun and Funky

I like to showcase cool desk decorations and office supplies; even if it’s something we don’t carry, because part of enjoying your work is being able to decorate your home away from home. One of my favorite things to use is magnets! You get funny, witty sayings that bring a smile to your face.

I know that some feel that certain things shouldn’t be depicted because it lowers morale or something like that, who knows, but I LOVE my job, really, but I like silly magnets that say stupid things! They’re FUNNY! So here are a few magnets to have at your desk to brighten your day. Enjoy!

Magnet Blog 1

Ahh, a grouping of fun! You can buy these on this site, along with other fun desk decorations!



Magnet Blog 2

I’m big on retro magnets, no matter the subject. This site has a lot of fun stuff!



Magnet Blog 3

I think I coined this phrase. A long time ago, of course, back when I was an irresponsible young adult just making my way in the world…(buy it here)



Magnet Blog 4 We don’t have donuts here. Nor hot office gossip since we’re small and we know everyone.   We do have great coffee though! This site has more than one great item.


Magnet Blog 5

I like quotes and I love sarcasm. I love this site, too. I just bought a bunch of silly notepads from them!


Magnet Blog 6

If you’re in a committed relationship, you know all about male refrigerator blindness. Check out other awesome magnets here.

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