Camping Time!

Well, maybe not for our northern friends, but down here in Florida its perfect camping weather! Camping supplies are being unearthed from the garage, tents set up in back yards to be aired out, and grills are being scraped clean, ready for campsite burgers and steaks. Bring on the s’mores, it’s time to camp!

When I was younger, I camped a lot. As long as I had my trusty first-aid kit, I was comfortable. I loved waking up in the morning to the sounds of the woods around me, snuggled into the warmth of my air mattress. Yes, I said air mattress. I love to camp, but I need the comforts of home! That meant air mattresses, fluffy pillows from home, and my comforter as opposed to a sleeping bag.


We also had a camp kitchen, a portable countertop that had three levels and lantern hooks. It held my grill, my drip coffee maker (can’t go camping without that), and had hooks so I could hang my skillet and utensils, along with a paper towel hook. One level of the counter top held my paper plates and cups, and the other level held my plastic tote with our dry goods.

We also brought with us a heavy duty ice chest (read: massive) that would hold all of our cold stuffs and keep the ice for about two days before we had to refill it. Our tent was huge, and slept up to 12 people, although we were only two. I need room to move around and not feel cramped. And have clearly designated dressing areas and sleeping areas. We don’t camp as much anymore, and I miss it. Maybe that’s something to bring up as an alternative for summer vacation! What do you do for camping fun?


What's your opinion?

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