First-Aid Kit Basics

I have a confession to make: I am prone to accidents. Not like car accidents, or other indelicate accidents nor am I clumsy. I just have…accidents, because I rush all the time. This means I have a lot of bruises and cuts and scrapes, and keep a ready supply of band aids at hand.

I rush when I’m walking so I tend to brush up against things (or slam into them full force) and end up with a bruise or a scrape. Like this morning, rushing to turn off my bedside light before I left for work. I brushed right past the blinds and scrape! Took off a bit of skin and drew a little blood. Because of things like this, I have two first aid kits in my house.

First Aid_Strip_Complete

I also have boxes of band aids, and Neosporin, and peroxide all over the house as well, but there really isn’t anything like a well-stocked first aid kit. I usually put together my own, because I know what I’m prone to, and with pre-made kits I always have the odd items left over. I do keep a standard kit in my car, however, and when we go camping, I have a full kit that travels with us.

Some basic things to have in a good kit would be Band-Aids, disinfectant (Bactine is my favorite), an antibiotic ointment, burn cream, aloe, gauze, and medical tape. You can also incorporate things like splinter tweezers, pain killers like Tylenol, medical gloves, needle and thread, etc to make the kit personalized for you. Now that I’ve talked your ear off about first- aid kits, I have to go clean up my arm! Have a great day!


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