Kitchen of Dreams

We sell restaurant supplies, did you know that? Oh it’s great, you really need to check them out! We carry everything from take-out containers to small appliances, and at unbeatable prices! You can trick out your kitchen at home to be as efficient and well-supplied as a restaurant, at half the price!

If you’re like me, you love to cook and bake. Plus, my husband is a pastry chef, so there is a ton of baking that goes on at my house. I get a lot of my kitchen supplies here. Baking supplies, kitchen supplies, and for entertaining, I get glassware and flatware, along with dinnerware and such.


I’m crazy about my stainless steel mixing bowls, and my baking pans! When my husband needed to replace his pastry tips, it turned out we were less expensive than the supply house he had used in the past. AND I use bakery boxes during holidays to give out baked goods for gifts.

Our glassware and flatware are cost-efficient and the prices come in handy if you find that you’re going to be entertaining a lot. You don’t have to use your everyday stuff and risk breakage.  Plus, you can get take-out containers for a song, so you never have to worry about whether or not your Tupperware will make it back to you when you send guests home with food! Check out all of our specials today, and get free cookies if you order $100 or more!


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