Top Five Teacher Essentials for the Classroom

Even though it’s a school holiday today, I thought that I would talk about the top five things that a teacher might need in their classroom, besides the mental strength to deal with children of all ages. Especially nowadays, teachers have to supply a lot of their own classroom materials, and that can get pricey.

Obviously, there are more than five things that a teacher needs for the classroom, but I’m going to showcase the most important, can’t-do-without items. Obviously maps, reference books, and other school supplies are essential, but a teacher can’t do without:


5) Grade Book/Lesson Planner: Whether its an old-fashioned write-in type, or a program on your computer, teachers MUST have a grade book and lesson planner.

4) Stickers: For immediate rewards and gratification, stickers are a must have. Children love stickers, and what better way to show them right away that they are accomplishing goals and doing a good job?

3) Awards: For long-term goals and achievements, award certificates are priceless. Its something that a student can keep with them through the years, and is tangible evidence of their accomplishments.

2) Basic Supplies: Pens, pencils, markers, crayons, highlighters, paper…need I say more?

1) A Sense of Humor: Let’s face it: if you can’t laugh away a stressful situation or day, then why bother? Being stressed in the classroom, or bringing it home to the family isn’t healthy for anyone.


What's your opinion?

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