May I Borrow That?

There is nothing more exasperating than to reach for your stapler and find that it has grown legs and walked right off your desk. Or your tape dispenser. Or your hidden stash of sticky notes, which were obviously not as well hidden as you thought. Or, holy nightmare, your favorite pen is gone!

I’ve compiled a list of the top five most often “borrowed” office supplies that we, and apparently other people, can’t live without. Maybe it’s time to glue things in place…


#5 – Stapler

Red Swingline Stapler. Cubicle dwellers everywhere are familiar with the cult movie Office Space, and Milton’s love of his red Swingline. Even with the popularity of paperless offices, a stapler is a linchpin in an office. We might not use them that much anymore, but we sure don’t like for ours to go missing from our desk.

#4 – Scissors

How many of you actually use your scissors on a daily basis? I don’t use mine except once in a blue moon, but I’m not a happy camper when I do need to use them and find them mysteriously missing. Did they rush off for a real-live rock-paper-scissors game?

3# – Paper Clips and Binder Clips

Same thing as the staplers, a lot of offices are trying to go paperless, so we tend not to use these as much. However, with the influx of cutesy, stylish binder clips and paper clips, we tend to personalize what we do have…and get angry when someone else has the same sense of style and flair and walk off with our own stash.

#2 – Paper and Post-it Notes

Post-it notes will never become obsolete, even in paperless offices. People live and die by their sticky notes. I have more sticky notes than one person can go through in a lifetime, and when they walk off with the scissors to compete in the office rock-paper-scissors game, I get very perturbed.

#1 – Pens, Pencils, and Highlighters

Pens and other writing instruments need to be totally off limits. Really. Its like using someone else’s toothbrush. Writing tools are personal, and people are highly territorial about their pens, especially. I’ve seen people Hulk out over their pens going missing. People namely being me.

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