Happy December 21st!!

Supposedly, the world is ending today, but other than the fact that it’s actually chilly here in South Florida today, I’m not seeing any evidence to a major catastrophe that will destroy the earth. Which makes me happy, but I’m sure there are still those of you who feel that maybe something is going to happen, and that’s okay!

What should you have on hand at the end of the world? Food, water, flashlights, batteries, etc?  Well, it depends. If a mythical rogue planet is going to hit us, then it doesn’t matter what you have at your disposal. It’s pretty much sayonara, but the flip side is, you won’t know what happened. If it’s one of the natural disasters that people are talking about, then a basic hurricane/storm kit should do you fine. I’ve blogged about them before.


If we’re going to be inundated with solar flares and rays and other very hot things that have to do with the sun, SPF 50 won’t cut it. Actually, I really don’t know much that will, but you can always use a welding blanket! They’re made to withstand very high temperatures, and are fairly reasonable in price. One blanket should be able to cover you.

To be honest there are so many theories about what is supposed to happen today that I can’t keep them straight! Just remember that it’s always a smart thing to have a disaster kit handy, a safe water supply, and about three days’ worth of canned, non-perishable food on hand. Stay safe, and enjoy the day, no matter what it brings!


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