A Pen Lover’s Request

Who doesn’t love a good pen? Even in today’s digital age, having a good pen in business is essential.  Smooth writing, comfortable grip – those are marks of a great pen, and Cross pens exemplify those qualities. I remember when I was a little girl my father getting a Cross pen and pencil set as a gift, and he was so thrilled by them!


Even with the advent of gel pens, Cross ballpoints still manage to keep up with demand for a smooth writing instrument.  There’s nothing like the feel of a Cross pen in your hand, the barrel smooth and weighty, and the ink gliding across the page. No skips or stutters, or blank spots in your writing with a Cross pen.  They come in silver, gold, black or colors; ballpoints, rollerballs, or fountain pens; you can even get one with a stylus!

You can’t go wrong giving a Cross pen, pencil, or set as a gift! With all the choices available, you can find one that is perfect for the person you’re shopping for, and they will be thrilled to have a gift from you that will last indefinitely! I recently came across my father’s old Cross pen, the pencil having been lost years ago. I just popped a refill into the barrel, and it still works and looks as good as new…29 years later.


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