Don’t Drop the Food!

There’s nothing that ruins a holiday dinner more than when it ends up in your lap, or worse, on your mother’s heirloom tablecloth brought over from the Motherland. Its classic disposable plate fail, but they’re a necessary evil at the holidays because who wants to spend the whole night cleaning dishes? Not this girl, but I also don’t want my guests to worry about dumping their food all over the floor, or cutting through a paper plate onto the aforementioned tablecloth.

China definitely presents a prettier and classier option to dining than plastic plates, but I have a huge family, and I would rather spend time with them than slaving in the kitchen washing dishes, so we compromised and spend a little more for very nice looking plastic plates that are durable and that can be tossed at the end of the holiday gluttony feast.


Plastic plates have evolved a long way since the days of long ago. There are even environmentally safe disposable plates that were made with recycled plastic and are recyclable themselves. In addition, there are some very nice plastic plates that are reusable (I don’t use them, because it would still mean washing dishes) and very elegant and classy looking, so you don’t look like you’re avoiding cleaning dishes.

Holidays are meant to be enjoyed, with family and friends gathering together to spend time talking, laughing, and playing football. That could just be my family, but I don’t think so. Washing dishes is the last thing anyone wants to do, so take the easy road, just this once, and invest in some plastic plates to make your holiday dinner an easy affair!


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