A Rose by Any Other Name…

Sometimes it’s unavoidable. You come into the house (or the office in the morning) and something, somewhere, stinks. Usually it’s something in the garbage or the refrigerator, and if you get it out of the building fast enough, the stench goes away on its own, but sometimes…it lingers. That’s when you go running for the air freshener.

There are a lot of ways and products on the market to remove bad smells out of the air. Candles, sprays, diffusers…they all mask scents in the air, which is okay if you just want a pleasant burst of smell before the vileness takes over again. I use things like that just to put a nice smell in the air before guests come over. When there is a miasma in the air that just won’t go away, you need something heavy duty. You need an air sanitizer.


My first choice is Ozium. The air sanitizer with the funny name is scent killer in a can. There is nothing that this spray won’t destroy. Teenagers of my generation were introduced to this wonder when we needed to spray away the lingering smoke from our contraband cigarettes (bad habit kids, don’t pick it up!) and I continue to use it to this day (especially in the closet that our hamper is in) and it never lets me down.

Another excellent choice is Lysol’s Neutra Air line of air sanitizer’s. They come in more of a scent variety, and of course, being Lysol it not only destroys odors, it sanitizes as well. I’ve used it in a pinch when my regular Lysol spray has run out, and I’ve sanitized the counters and toilets with it! With either one of these products, you can’t lose when you want to eliminate bad odors out of the air. Happy sanitizing!


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