Holiday Gift Ideas

The holidays are a time of fellowship, worship, and let’s face it, gift giving. Stores are jam packed with people searching for the perfect gift and online stores are posting record visits. Novelty gifts are particularly popular at this time of the year, and we all remember Billy Bass, don’t we?

I myself was a recipient of the singing bass, and he was pulled out every Christmas to regale family and friends with his amazing feats of vocalization. Until he was conveniently crushed under a box one year. I have no idea how that happened. This year, the hottest novelty gift is the Dancing Animal Speakers by Cobra.


They’re cute! They’re even somewhat cuddly! And they wiggle their little bodies to the beat of whatever music is playing through their furry speakers. There are four types: a brown dog, brown cat, black and white dog, and black and white cat.

I feel that one of these will end up under our Christmas tree. And I don’t know how my real dog and cat will react to them, but I will be playing Christmas tunes through them, hopefully to the delight of all my gathered family and friends. You can even see them in action before you buy one by watching this hilarious video! Have fun my friends, and enjoy your holiday celebrations!


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