Why Doesn’t This Trash Bag Fit?!?

I’ve run across this problem quite a few times answering customer service calls. There are a lot of trash bags out there, and when you’re buying them from a website, it’s hard to know just what to buy. Is it flimsy? Does it have a pointy bottom or a flat bottom? Will it hold up to broken branches and twigs, or just good for paper?

Those questions also give rise to others, like what density to choose and just what the heck does MIL stand for anyway? I’ll try to cover all these questions so that there is no more guessing going on and ordering the wrong bag! It’s so frustrating to get something in the mail just to realize it’s not going to work for you. We use Jaguar garbage can liners, and they are really awesome! Here’s some tips on which one to use.


If you’re looking for a good liner for your kitchen garbage can, you want to stick with a low density  bag that’s around.50 to 1Mil. The higher the MIL (thickness) the stronger the bag. If you want something a little bit stronger and thicker, you can use a high density bag around 6-14Mic. High density carries a heavier load than low density, so if you find yourself tossing a lot of food away, then go for high density bags.

When you’re working outside, doing yard work, then you obviously want a thicker constructed bag, which means 2-3Mil or 18-24Mic. Size-wise, most garbage bags are listed in gallons, so you know what to get, but when they are listed by size, what to choose? For a typical 10-13 gallon office or kitchen garbage can, you want to use a bag listed between 24×24 to 24×32 inches. If you’re putting a bag in your typical 32 gallon trashcan, you will go 33×39” for a low density bag and 33×40” for a high density bag.

I hope these tips helped, but if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! You can find our contact information at our home page, or just comment on the blog, and I will personally get back with you and answer! Happy Holidays!


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  1. Millie Hue says:

    Thanks for helping me understand that choosing high-density liners will be able to carry a heavy load of garbages. I will keep that in mind so that I will choose the right one for my bins. This is because we will have lots of debris and trash when we do general cleaning in my house especially that there will be a renovation as well.

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