O Sheila Shine, O Sheila Shine!

When I first got my stainless steel appliances in my old house, I was ecstatic. They were sleek, looked beautiful, and let’s face it, I felt trendy. I preferred them over the white appliances that we had, and black appliances just wouldn’t look right in my small kitchen. Then I ran into the problem all stainless steel appliance owners ran into: they were hard to get clean.

Not that they would get dirty, but finger prints showed up like no one’s business, and cleaning them with an all-purpose cleaner didn’t cut it. Either the cleaner wouldn’t remove the fingerprints, or it left a cloudy haze on them. What to do? A friend of mine finally took pity on me and revealed a well-kept secret for cleaning my appliances: Sheila Shine!

No longer a secret, Sheila Shine has become a household name, and is in great demand here at ReStockIt. With the prevalence of stainless steel appliances and even stainless steel counter tops  Sheila Shine proves again and again how indispensable it is! One spray or wipe, and it removes fingerprints and other substances from stainless steel, leaving behind the shiny surface that should be there, instead of a cloudy haze.

Not only is Sheila Shine great for appliances, but use it on your sinks, faucets, garbage cans…anything that is stainless steel. It can also be used on the stainless steel  found on cars, boats, motorcycles…anything! Pick up some Sheila Shine today, you won’t be disappointed!

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