Start Your Shipping Engines!

So, if you aren’t a procrastinator like I am, you already have a good amount of holiday gifts already purchased, and maybe even wrapped. That’s great (even though I’m slightly jealous) and you should be very proud of yourself! It takes forethought and planning to be ahead of the holiday shopping insanity, and my hats off to you! Now you have to ship stuff to relatives and friends that live out of state (or out of the country) and we can help you simplify that process!

If you’re like me (and you’re probably not. You’ve already got your shopping done and mine isn’t even started), when you go to the mailing store or the post office, you need boxes and labels to ship your packages in, and usually end up paying a mint to do just that! Again, with a little bit of planning, you can have all your shipping needs right at your house!

We have a full line of boxes, packing material, tapes, and even shrink wrap. We even have postal scales so you can know before you get to the shipping depot of your choice what your package weighs and how much it will cost! Who likes going to the post office, thinking that your package will cost one amount to ship it, only to find it’s much more than that?

At this time of year, it’s always best to be as prepared as possible, and having the right supplies on hand can prevent a lot of headaches.  Stock up on shipping supplies and you’ll never have to pay inflated prices at the post office or shipping store again!

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