Calendar Time!

On desk calendars everywhere, there is a little notification on the last date block in November on the calendar, reminding you that it’s time to buy your calendars for next year. Nothing like a reminder that another year is over and a new one is just beginning. But New Year’s brings a new beginning, and who doesn’t love a do-over?

House of Doolittle has a great selection of desk calendars, appointment books, and planners. You can have dated, undated, lined, unlined, by hour…well, you get the picture. No matter what your need, House of Doolittle has the calendar that you need. Did I mention how stylish they are?

Well, they are! They come in different colors, with different photos, or you can go plain, or support one of the most successful charities in operation today. They have a calendar to suit every taste. I personally can’t live without a calendar. It’s like time – I have to have something on my person that can tell me the time. Back in the day it was a watch, now it’s my cell phone. And I still wish I had my watch, which I got rid of.

Calendars are indispensable to success. Sure, I use my Outlook calendar, and Siri on my phone to set reminders, but there is nothing like being able to quickly look down at my desk calendar and see at a glance what my schedule is, what I have to pick up at the grocery store, what bills I have to pay…I even use it as my notepad, because I get the one with a note section. So, that being said, get yourself a calendar! Now’s the time to do it!

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