All (-purpose Cleaning) Stars

I admit, I have a lot of “specialty” cleaners in my house, but that’s because I’m a product…um…connoisseur. Yeah, that’s a good word for it. I need a different cleaner for my bathroom, for my kitchen, for my floors…you get the picture. I do have some all-purpose cleaners, however, and when I use them, I am never disappointed.

There are a few you should be familiar with. One is Fabuloso and it really lives up to its name! A lot of “name brand only” people stay away from it, but it IS a name brand, and it’s been around for a long time. I first became familiar with it when I was a teenager working in a movie theater. We used it for everything. We cleaned the concession stand with it, mopped the theater floors with it, and cleaned the back room. Back then it was only available in concentrate, but now it’s even packaged in a ready-to-use spray bottle.

The old stand-by Pine Sol is another. I happen to like the smell, but some people think it’s too hospital smelling but hey, if they use it in a hospital, then common sense follows that it would work great in your house. Also, it comes in different scents now, and the old-fashioned pine smell shouldn’t be an excuse not to use it! I like to use it as a concentrate and fill a bucket of water with it. I use it everywhere. You just can’t go wrong with Pine Sol.

The last two all-purpose cleaners I’d like to mention are Greenworks and Method. Both are ecologically friendly with serious cleaning power. I admit, when it came to cleaning products, I was leery of going green because I wasn’t sure how good non-chemical cleaners could clean. Well, these two amazing products proved me wrong in a big way. Plus, their light scents make the house smell sparkling clean too! Fear not the all-purpose cleaner and embrace them! You’ll be happy that you did.

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