The Swiffer of My Dreams

Few things in the cleaning world make me as happy as my Swiffer products. Seriously. I do a massive cleaning of the house once a month (no, we don’t live in filth at other times, I just clean with a lick and a promise the rest of the month) and I don’t want to spend all day long cleaning. As it is, I spend about five hours on that one Saturday a month, and my cleaning time has been cut in half thanks to my Swiffer collection. It lowers the amount of big cleaning ammo that I need to use on that day.

First, there is the original Swiffer dry sweeper. I would go around all of my floors with that. And every room in my house is tiled. No carpet here. THEN Swiffer came out with the Sweepervac. This I utilize every week and it’s wonderful! On my tile floors, it picks up everything that the dry sweeper doesn’t get in the first pass.

Once that’s done, I grab my WetJet. This thing is a god-send. It eliminates me having to drag out the big yellow bucket and cotton mop more than once a month, and if there is a spill in the kitchen (or anywhere else for that matter) all I have to do is grab it a press a little button. No filling up the mop bucket and slogging it around the floor.

The other items in my Swiffer arsenal are the Dusters and the Dust & Shine. I use the Dusters to get the buildup of dust off my tables, bookshelves, and entertainment centers and then follow up with the Dust & Shine to condition and shine them up. You can even use it on granite and quartz counter-tops  Swiffer is just a lifesaver for me. Are you a Swiffer fan? If not, I highly recommend you become one!

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