Storm Aftermath

When a terrible storm has blown through your area, whether it’s a hurricane, tornadic cell, or a blizzard, not only do you need to be prepared for the time while the storm rages, but also the aftermath. I’ve blogged before about storm preparedness, but what about storm aftermath?

Once the danger of the storm has passed, you may be left with downed trees, no electricity, downed power lines, broken windows, damaged roof…the consequences of a bad storm are endless. It’s always best to prepare ahead of time and stock up, even if you think that it won’t be so bad.

What are some of the things you need for the aftermath of a storm? Some of it is supplies that you would have in your preparedness kit, but a lot is for the aftermath. Wet-dry vacuums for sucking up standing water, and then air movers to dry everything out. Tarps to band-aid the damaged roof,and solar chargers to juice up your cell phone when the power is out.

Generators are life savers. And you don’t have to use them only for storm aftermath. A portable stove and replacement fuel for it are invaluable, along with a weather radio. Bottom line is you can never be too prepared for a natural disaster. It’s best to keep a well-stocked disaster kit, with plenty of dry and canned food and bottled water to hold your family over.

We at ReStockIt hope that everyone affected by Hurricane Sandy is safe, and our thoughts are with you and your families.

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