Clorox and the Cleaning Soldiers

There’s nothing in the world that smells as fine as white clothes pulled fresh from the dryer. More than colors, whites smell like…sunshine. The detergent, softener, and most importantly the bleach all combine to make the clothes smell heavenly. I never mind washing the white clothes.

Clorox is more than just bleach, however wonderful said bleach is. Just the bleach alone though does more than keep your whites brilliantly white. It disinfects, it kills bugs, and you can even use it in stainless steel cookware to clean off burnt on messes. Where Clorox brand shines though is in its other products.

Take the Clorox Bleach Pen. It does double duty as a stain lifter from white clothing, but it also cleans grout, caulking, porcelain, tile…everything! We use them at my house constantly (my husband is messy) and it never fails to do the job that I need it to do. I also use it on my fridge’s water well under the ice dispenser and it takes care of the buildup that I’m too lazy to clean every day.

Another line of the Clorox Brand is Green Works. A cleaning product that is affordable, made from plant and mineral based ingredients, and packaged in sustainable bottles is A+ in my book. The lack of chemicals doesn’t detract from the line’s cleaning power, and the products perform like pros!

Whatever your need – fresh-smelling whites, clean grout, or a green cleaning product, Clorox has a product that will work for you!

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