Avery Binders and Reviews Gone Wild

I love Amazon.com. The site is one of my favorite places to shop (besides us!) and I get great deals on everything I’m looking for. Also, you just can’t beat the “sample” choice in the Kindle store, which has contributed to the 40 samples I currently have to slog through on my Kindle app. The other thing I love about Amazon is the reviews so you can hear from other users how a product performed.

There is another side to the reviews, however. That is as comic relief. Reviews from Amazon have been cropping up in emails and Facebook posts now for a while, but none have been viral as much as the reviews for an Avery binder. I’m sure you can guess where this is going…

“My binder failed to contain even one woman even though I was told I could fill it with women.

The test woman had no trouble slipping free of the rings and fleeing my basement.

Do not recommend.”

Its reviews like these that are flying around the Internet faster than a YouTube video about lightsaber-wielding pooches.  And they are hilarious, no matter what side of the political spectrum you fall on. Some are quite brilliant, some are offensive to all parties, and there were even a few where the humor was a bit dark for even my tastes, but all were entertaining.

“Really, have they no sense of what matters most to women? This white binder makes my hips look so big! Recommend going for a black binder for all of you girls trying to look sexy for your men!”

How can you not laugh at that? No matter whom you are or where your views fall? I went through 10 pages of reviews for the binder, and I couldn’t find one legit review, but I laughed through every page.  One person has a list of questions regarding the binder. This was my favorite one of them all:

” 3. As we go into the fall season, many of the women are expressing concern about the color of the Binder. White after Labor Day is just a fashion disaster so they were hoping for a nice plum or perhaps goldenrod color. Is this possible?”

She had more. They were all funny. And there were more, over a thousand, that were equally entertaining.

We use the Avery Durable 2” Binder with the EZ-Turn Ring in our office all the time. It’s very handy for keeping our filing intact, but imagine my surprise when I started getting requests from co-workers that were a bit on the odd side

         1.  “I’m bloated this week, so the 2” binder isn’t going to fit me. Can I get a 3” for those times of the month? Oh, and I have to leave every day at 4 o’clock to get home in time to cook and clean.”

         2.   “I thought there were supposed to be women in this. I’m not greedy, I would have settled for one, but there were none. You may want to return the last shipment.”

You can see my confusion. Can something be done about this? Or else I’ll have to return the whole lot.”

That was my review. I just had to get my two-cents worth in! All joking aside however, we love Avery binders here at ReStockIt, and we don’t even care that they don’t come with women.

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