Cubicle Decorating

When I left the world of big box retailing and moved into e-commerce, I found myself with cubicles of bare fabric. Not drab gray, but still, nothing exciting. I was used to having activity and sounds and windows, so the transition was a bit…shocking. I wanted to hang pictures and calendars, but I didn’t really want to use push pins for everything. A push pin through my husband’s head in a picture was a bit morbid for my liking.

A co-worker saw me struggling with the dilemma and offered me a secret stash of Velcro strips that became heaven sent to me. I need to have stuff on my walls, and this solved the problem in a BIG way. Then she made the obvious comment, “You know, you do work for an office supply company, we have tons of stuff for cubicles.” In my defense, I had just started working for ReStockIt…

With the comment still fresh in my mind, I searched for “cubicle accessories” on our site and lo and behold, a new category of office supplies was opened to me. Bad idea, that, considering my addiction to office supplies, of which I have blogged about before. I never knew there was so much you could hang from your cubicle walls!

I have a fairly large desk, so I don’t need some of the stuff that we sell, but I went crazy buying clips and Velcro strips. I never have to worry about voodoo-like push pins again in someone’s head.  Actually, as I look around at my walls, I think they need to be rearranged…hmmm. How do you decorate your cubicle-away-from-home? With facts and figures or family pictures and goofiness?

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  1. janenedenila says:

    When work places shifted to a work from home setup, I discovered desk mats as an important office decor because it can be any design according to your preference or theme that you might re-consider in your pool of office accessories.

    1. janenedenila says:

      Btw, I actually got my desk mat from that you might check out

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