Duracell – the Good Ol’ Coppertop

It’s the start of the holiday season, folks. Shopping in earnest will commence as soon as the last Jack o’ Lantern is extinguished, and stores will become madhouses. Money will be tithed to the retail houses of worship, and consumers everywhere will drag, pull, shove, and curse bags of merchandise home and stuff them in hiding places until it comes time to wrap them and/or assemble them.  In a lot of those cases, you’re going to need…batteries.

Batteries are ubiquitous in our lives. Almost everything we use runs on batteries. Phones, cars, remote controls, toys, toothbrushes, laptops…the list goes on and on. There is nothing more frustrating than the batteries dying in your remote and you don’t have replacements. You actually have to get up and use the controls on the TV!

I stock up on batteries, and Duracell is the brand that we run to. Not just because I can still remember the old Duracell commercials on TV (Dur   ∙ A ∙ Cell, the Coppertop battery!) with the snazzy little jingle, but because they just always seem to last the longest and not leak. They last FOREVER! They have batteries for everything, from a professional series to portable phone chargers!

I have huge packs of AA and AAA batteries, and smaller ones of C (because really, not much takes a C) and D’s. A small package of 9V hides in the back corner of the linen closet because nothing in my house takes a 9V anymore, but SOMETHING might be purchased at some point and we’ll need them. I also have a small Tupperware container filled with watch and camera batteries, even though no one in my house owns a watch OR a camera. But, you know, it could happen. I’ve even got a small pack of AA in my fridge.

Batteries are a way of our lives nowadays, and you definitely want one with a great track record and can’t go wrong with Duracell. Always keep spares on hand, and you can’t go wrong. How do you keep your spares?

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