October is my favorite month, hands down. Temperatures are dropping (or the humidity, as is the case in Florida) and its getting cooler. Leaves are either turning or turned, and best of all; Halloween is at the end of the month. I prepare for Halloween like most people prepare for the December holidays.

At ReStockIt, we get into the Halloween spirit. All of our departments are decorated to the nth degree, and we have a bunch of games and a party on the big day. Usually the week of Halloween is filled with pumpkin carving contests, trivia games centered around Halloween trivia (or scary movies), and other party games.

In the spirit of Halloween, today’s trivia will be all about October! Enjoy!

  • In Roman times, October was the eighth month of the Roman calendar, which is how it got its name.
  • Our Canadian friends to the north celebrate their Thanksgiving on the second Monday of October
  • Alaska became an American territory on October 18th, 1867
  • President Cleveland dedicated the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor on October 28, 1886.
  • On October 1, 1896, free rural delivery of mail started in the United States.

October is…

  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  • Book Month
  • Dessert Month
  • Pizza Month

Happy Halloween!

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