Cascade,the Cleaning Dynamo!

About a year and a half ago, we started getting phone calls asking if we had a certain Cascade with phosphates in stock. Restaurants were touting its cleaning efficacy, raving about how clean their dishes were after washed in this amazing product. We were a bit puzzled but we did indeed have the product number they were looking for. Then the calls increased like crazy.

We searched for a pattern, and then found out that states across the country were outlawing phosphates. And then our own dishes stopped getting cleaned by our dishwashers and we felt the pain of all the callers that were looking for this miracle detergent. And our state doesn’t even HAVE a phosphate ban! The problem is, manufacturers just started removing it from their products across the board, instead of making products with phosphates for some states and not for others.

Cascade with Phosphates

Which all added up to dirty dishes. But, we had the miracle product and companies were buying it. We heard stories about milky white film on crystal, and gunge on dishes. We heard of marriages crumbling because of lack of clean dishes (husband says he ran the dishwasher, wife didn’t believe him, fight ensues) and then being rejuvenated by this Cascade with phosphates. It was a veritable heyday for dishwashers!

It’s strong enough for a glass to pass judgment from even your most finicky customer, and restaurants no longer have to live in fear of grungy white film and grey dishes. This Cascade from Proctor and Gamble is a cleaning dynamo…and a life saver!

Special thanks to for their picture of before and after filmy glasses!

*Item is for commercial use only*

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