The USB Connection

USB ports and connections have become the norm. Flash drives and external hard drives that hook into your computer make life easier, and make work and storage more portable than ever. Outside of the standards however, there is a breed of items that utilize your computers USB ports, or provide support and expansion, that aim to entertain and delight.

I’m all about entertainment and delight. Goofy hubs and USB powered products really make my day when I see them, and invariably, I need to possess them. Especially if they appeal to my geek side. Give me an R2-D2 USB hub any day and I am grinning from ear to ear. It’s even worse when I find something unique that no one has seen before.

While researching for this blog, I started with my trusty friend Google, and searched for “funky USB items” and was amazed at all the things that came up! Sandwiched in between all the hubs were toys! And movie characters from every movie in Geekdom Heaven! There’s even a fish tank! Can you tell that I am extremely excited?

Going through all the stuff I saw, I realized that even if I bought a fraction of it, I would have to buy two 4-port hubs to run off my existing USB ports on my computer, just to have everything hooked up. Not certain how that would go over here, but my desk would look really cool! How would you decorate your desk with USB gadgets?

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