Coffee Mugs, the Personality Barometer

On my desk I have a mug I bought at Universal Studios during our summer trip with our son. It’s big, too big I found out my first day of pouring coffee into it after our trip, but I love it. It’s become my pen receptacle (because you know how much I like pens) and every time I look at it, it reminds me of a very fun time my family had together.

It also expresses my personality and something that I like. A lot. It’s the Marauder’s Map from Harry Potter. One side has the title inset in a sketch drawing of Hogwarts and the other side has the oath of the Marauder’s Map; if you’ve seen the movies or read the books, you know what oath I’m talking about!

So it got me to thinking. Do the coffee mugs we choose to bring to work reflect our personalities? Do we need a bit of home, or humor, to anchor us or do the disposable work just fine because we’re too lazy to wash our dishes? I admit, I tend to use the disposables for that reason.

I had to Google it. And take an informal office poll of the people I know who use a personal mug. Basically, they chose the mug they did because it’s something that appealed to them, ergo it expresses their personality. One person said they bought the mug because it was cheap. Whether it be a plain mug, or one scrolled with color or butterflies, drink up and enjoy a bit of coffee! Let it bring out your personality!

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