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Happy Halloween!!

Today is a day that we put extensive planning into at ReStockIt. We have a committee and three Halloween-mad employees who delight in the ghoulish, the macabre, and the downright creepy. We don’t just throw a party either; we have activities planned for at least three days prior to the actual day. We have costumes contests, trivia contests, games, pumpkin carving…we go all out! Pictures (and a video!) will serve me better in illustrating everything that we do to have fun on Halloween! From all of us at ReStockIt, enjoy your day and be safe!


Storm Aftermath

When a terrible storm has blown through your area, whether it’s a hurricane, tornadic cell, or a blizzard, not only do you need to be prepared for the time while the storm rages, but also the aftermath. I’ve blogged before about storm preparedness, but what about storm aftermath?

Once the danger of the storm has passed, you may be left with downed trees, no electricity, downed power lines, broken windows, damaged roof…the consequences of a bad storm are endless. It’s always best to prepare ahead of time and stock up, even if you think that it won’t be so bad.

What are some of the things you need for the aftermath of a storm? Some of it is supplies that you would have in your preparedness kit, but a lot is for the aftermath. Wet-dry vacuums for sucking up standing water, and then air movers to dry everything out. Tarps to band-aid the damaged roof,and solar chargers to juice up your cell phone when the power is out.

Generators are life savers. And you don’t have to use them only for storm aftermath. A portable stove and replacement fuel for it are invaluable, along with a weather radio. Bottom line is you can never be too prepared for a natural disaster. It’s best to keep a well-stocked disaster kit, with plenty of dry and canned food and bottled water to hold your family over.

We at ReStockIt hope that everyone affected by Hurricane Sandy is safe, and our thoughts are with you and your families.


Light the Way

Wednesday is Halloween, a night for fun and candy. Little ghouls and ghosties, along with their (hopefully costumed) parents will dominate the streets in neighborhoods across the country. Except for the trick or treater’s going to malls, then this blog doesn’t apply. Safety is the name of the game, even with visions of Jolly Rancher’s dancing in little heads everywhere.

When you’re strolling through the neighborhood with kids running amok everywhere you look, lighting is crucial. If it’s too dark, a person could stumble and fall, or trip over a dragging sack of candy and turn an ankle. This is definitely NOT something that you want to do, so I suggest a great flashlight to light your way.

When we were kids, the last thing we wanted to carry was flashlights. They didn’t really match the costume and they interfered with our candy loot, because you couldn’t hoist a ten pound pillowcase full of candy while juggling the big silver flashlight from your dad’s tool box. When glow sticks came around, we jumped on those, first because they were so cool, and second because you could incorporate them into your costume.

This Halloween, stock up on glow sticks, flashlights, glow in the dark costumes…whatever you need to keep yourself illuminated and safe out on the street, even if it doesn’t match what you’re wearing. Don’t forget to donate candy to me here at ReStockIt (our address is on the website) and please be safe!


Horror Movie Survival Tips

You know how, when you’re watching a horror movie, you turn into an armchair survival quarterback? You know what I mean, even if you don’t know the term armchair quarterback. “What are you, stupid? DON’T GO INTO THE BASEMENT!!!” and “For the love of God, WHY would she go into the woods!?!” and the currently popular, “‘Hello’? You’re saying ‘hello’? Do you think the scary killer is going to say ‘I’m in the kitchen, want a sandwich?’”.

From the safety of your living room, of course you can say those things. You’re not being chased by a knife-machete-chainsaw-talon wielding maniac. You’re cozy, comfy, and enjoying a big ol’ bowl of popcorn. What would you do in that situation? If someone broke into your house and was not…of the norm, shall we say? In other words, Michael Meyers (not the actor) is standing in your bedroom, head slightly tilted, white mask face blankly looking at you, and a 9” butcher knife is raised menacingly in your direction. Could you survive?

I’m here to help.  I want you to survive an attack by a maniac killer. I don’t want to hear that I could have helped someone survive an attack by a quasi-supernatural serial killer and did nothing to stop it, so I bring you ten tips to avoid being punctured, chopped, beheaded, and torn to pieces.

  1. You and your group have finally made it out of the house (campground, cornfield, abandoned doll factory), you’re running towards freedom and you realize you left your 200$ Oakley (Prada) sunglasses behind. Cut your losses and run. NEVER GO BACK, for anything, and certainly never say, “I’ll be right back” as you run away because you won’t. That’s the kiss of death.
  2. It’s not the wind. It just isn’t. You can convince yourself that the scratching noise on the other side of the wall is the wind in the trees, but we all know it’s not. Its evil and it’s looking for your blood.
  3. Engaging in intercourse is NOT the thing to do when there is a brief respite of thinly-veiled perceived safety. It’s just not. Don’t do it.
  4. You know how, when you’re in a race, the old adage is “Don’t look behind you”? Well when you’re being chased by a deranged lunatic, look behind you, often. Be mindful of your surroundings, but frequently check his progress. And if you think you’ve found a great hiding place, don’t just look the way you came. He managed to get ahead of you, which means he’s going to be behind you as you look back the way you came.
  5. KEYS! I can’t stress this enough. People, put your keys in your pocket. You make it out of the house, get to your car, and then…no keys. Guess what? Look at #1. You’ll have to find some other way to make a get away.
  6. Stick together. This means not tripping anyone to sacrifice them to the killer to buy you time. You’re most likely with your friends, and you can actually come up with a plan to bring him down, at least long enough to truss him up like a Thanksgiving turkey.
  7. Never assume the killer is dead. Even the ever popular “double tap” is only relative to zombies, never maniacal killers. Beheading them sometimes works, but they are always immune to gun shots.
  8. Curiosity may not have killed the cat, but it will kill you. Be curious about art, history, and how things are made, but never, ever be curious about the shadow on the wall in the darkened room of the scary abandoned house.
  9. If you’ve heard suspicious noises, and then the lights go out…just assume the worst and take up defensive positions. Don’t question, don’t worry about looking stupid. Just do it or it won’t end well otherwise.
  10. Once you finally reach your car, and you have your keys, look in the back seat. Seriously. He’s probably there.

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Clorox and the Cleaning Soldiers

There’s nothing in the world that smells as fine as white clothes pulled fresh from the dryer. More than colors, whites smell like…sunshine. The detergent, softener, and most importantly the bleach all combine to make the clothes smell heavenly. I never mind washing the white clothes.

Clorox is more than just bleach, however wonderful said bleach is. Just the bleach alone though does more than keep your whites brilliantly white. It disinfects, it kills bugs, and you can even use it in stainless steel cookware to clean off burnt on messes. Where Clorox brand shines though is in its other products.

Take the Clorox Bleach Pen. It does double duty as a stain lifter from white clothing, but it also cleans grout, caulking, porcelain, tile…everything! We use them at my house constantly (my husband is messy) and it never fails to do the job that I need it to do. I also use it on my fridge’s water well under the ice dispenser and it takes care of the buildup that I’m too lazy to clean every day.

Another line of the Clorox Brand is Green Works. A cleaning product that is affordable, made from plant and mineral based ingredients, and packaged in sustainable bottles is A+ in my book. The lack of chemicals doesn’t detract from the line’s cleaning power, and the products perform like pros!

Whatever your need – fresh-smelling whites, clean grout, or a green cleaning product, Clorox has a product that will work for you!


Trivia Wednesday – Candy!

Americans eat a lot of candy. A LOT. Not as much as Denmark, but we consume about 25 pounds PER PERSON every year. Even over cakes and cookies and other confections, candy is ranked number one in how we get our sweet tooth to shut up when it cries out for something sweet. Chocolate is ranked as the number one type of candy that we reach for, with hard candy close on its heels.

Of course, there are other types of candy, like sugar-free and taffy’s and I love them all. I do not discriminate on my candy. So our wacky trivia is all about the sweet stuff today! Wake up your taste buds, raid the Halloween candy, and enjoy!

  1. The basic hard candy recipe is just water and sugar. Depending on how you heat it is what gives it the texture, whether it’ll be hard or soft.
  2. Homosapiens have been craving sweets from the age of cavemen, who would raid bee hives for honey.
  3. In 1868, Richard Cadbury introduced the first Valentine’s Day box of candy when he decorated a candy box with a painting of his daughter and her kitten.
  4. Nearly 2 billion candy canes will be sold in the four weeks prior to Christmas.
  5. In 1920, the Baby Ruth, which is named for President Grover Cleveland daughter, was introduced.
  6. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups were launched and named for the man who invented the candy in 1928.
  7. The scientific name for the cacao tree’s fruit is “Theobroma Cacao” which means “food of the gods.”
  8. The world’s largest lollipop was made on June 25, 2002. It weighed 4,031 pounds with the stick and it was 18 inches thick and about 15 feet tall.
  9. Milk Chocolate was introduced in 1875, but chocolate itself has been consumed since the time of the Mayans and Aztecs.
  10. And, for our horror movie fans, in 1960, chocolate syrup was used to simulate blood in the famous shower scene in Alfred Hitchcock’s movie, “Psycho”. The scene, featuring Janet Leigh, took over seven days to shoot.

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Avery Binders and Reviews Gone Wild

I love The site is one of my favorite places to shop (besides us!) and I get great deals on everything I’m looking for. Also, you just can’t beat the “sample” choice in the Kindle store, which has contributed to the 40 samples I currently have to slog through on my Kindle app. The other thing I love about Amazon is the reviews so you can hear from other users how a product performed.

There is another side to the reviews, however. That is as comic relief. Reviews from Amazon have been cropping up in emails and Facebook posts now for a while, but none have been viral as much as the reviews for an Avery binder. I’m sure you can guess where this is going…

“My binder failed to contain even one woman even though I was told I could fill it with women.

The test woman had no trouble slipping free of the rings and fleeing my basement.

Do not recommend.”

Its reviews like these that are flying around the Internet faster than a YouTube video about lightsaber-wielding pooches.  And they are hilarious, no matter what side of the political spectrum you fall on. Some are quite brilliant, some are offensive to all parties, and there were even a few where the humor was a bit dark for even my tastes, but all were entertaining.

“Really, have they no sense of what matters most to women? This white binder makes my hips look so big! Recommend going for a black binder for all of you girls trying to look sexy for your men!”

How can you not laugh at that? No matter whom you are or where your views fall? I went through 10 pages of reviews for the binder, and I couldn’t find one legit review, but I laughed through every page.  One person has a list of questions regarding the binder. This was my favorite one of them all:

” 3. As we go into the fall season, many of the women are expressing concern about the color of the Binder. White after Labor Day is just a fashion disaster so they were hoping for a nice plum or perhaps goldenrod color. Is this possible?”

She had more. They were all funny. And there were more, over a thousand, that were equally entertaining.

We use the Avery Durable 2” Binder with the EZ-Turn Ring in our office all the time. It’s very handy for keeping our filing intact, but imagine my surprise when I started getting requests from co-workers that were a bit on the odd side

         1.  “I’m bloated this week, so the 2” binder isn’t going to fit me. Can I get a 3” for those times of the month? Oh, and I have to leave every day at 4 o’clock to get home in time to cook and clean.”

         2.   “I thought there were supposed to be women in this. I’m not greedy, I would have settled for one, but there were none. You may want to return the last shipment.”

You can see my confusion. Can something be done about this? Or else I’ll have to return the whole lot.”

That was my review. I just had to get my two-cents worth in! All joking aside however, we love Avery binders here at ReStockIt, and we don’t even care that they don’t come with women.

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Achhoo! Flu Season is Upon Us!

They are sounds we’re all familiar with this time of year- snuffling, sneezing  coughing…and we all run in the opposite direction from where the sounds are emanating. That is definitely not something that you want to be around, and you find that you’re donning rubber gloves just to hand paperwork to your afflicted co-workers. That’s right folks, its flu season!

I’m not going to inundate you with statistics of how many fatalities are attributed to flu every year, or even how many people are diagnosed; you’ve been around the flu season block before and have heard it all at least once. As your friendly neighborhood blogger, I did want to mention a few things you can do to prevent getting the flu yourself. Which is just basic self-preservation at its base, right?

The flu shot is the first defense in your flu season arsenal. Second is hand sanitizer, but that one comes with a caution label – use too much, and you run the risk of catching EVERYTHING that comes down the pike because you’ve lost most of your natural resistance to bacteria and viruses. Next up is antibacterial soap and you really have to use it. A good rule of thumb to follow when washing your hands is to sing “Happy Birthday”. That gives enough time for the soap to work. Just make sure to sing it to yourself, not out loud or else you’ll get strange looks.

Other steps you can take are medical masks, over the counter immunity boosters, gloves, and hazmat suits…okay, well maybe not those. Carry tissues so that you don’t sneeze into the air, and as a handy catcher’s mit for those explosive coughs.Point is, do what you can to avoid getting sick, so that you don’t lose work, get your family or co-workers sick, or contribute to a world-wide pandemic of epic proportions.

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Top Ten Movie Monsters

Top Ten Movie Monsters

It’s Friday (TGIF!) in October, which means that it’s Freaky Friday! Every Friday in October, I will bring you something ghoulish and disturbing for your reading pleasure. Today’s blog is about monsters. Yes, monsters, the top ten (according to ReStockIt anyway) to be precise. Although there are a lot of worthy monsters out there, I had to narrow it down to ten.  And I kept out the obvious “monsters”- Krueger, Vorhees, Meyers, Godzilla…you get the picture.  On to the countdown!

10. The Creature from the Black Lagoon

What person older than 35 hasn’t seen this on the Saturday morning Creature Feature? This creature is solely responsible for keeping me out of lakes until the age of 32. Every time I tried to go swimming in a dark, murky lake that I couldn’t see the bottom of, I would just envision webbed, scaly, taloned hands reaching up to pull me under.

9. Uruk-hai from Lord of the Rings

Okay, so they aren’t the conventional monsters I’m sure you were thinking of, but even more than Shelob, they scared the daylights out of me. Big, ugly, mean, and without pain or fear, they are smart, living zombies in my mind. They don’t get tired and they won’t stop until they tear your head off.

8. The Fly

Jeff Goldblum’s Fly. David Cronenberg’s Fly. OMG. He was sexy! And then he was DISGUSTING. What kind of mind-blowing twist is that?? And the fact that he killed you by grabbing you and vomiting flesh-dissolving acid on you is just…blech! I never viewed flies the same again.

7. Pinhead (and the other Cenobites) from Hellraiser

This movie taught me to never open strange wooden boxes. The terrifying visage of the Cenobites, and Pinhead’s deep, British-accented voice reverberating throughout the movie theater (not to mention hooks and chains and…), scared the living excrement out of me.

6. Creature from Cloverfield

Yes, I liked Cloverfield, sue me. The alien was terrifying NOT because it was large, gnarly, and hungry to destroy New York (Godzilla anyone?), but because it flung off offspring like rats fleeing a sinking ship. And those offspring freaked me out! The scene in the subway? Where the intrepid survivors turn around behind them and those things are on the ceiling? CHILLS. And they make you explode…

5. Predator

Okay. You can’t get MUCH scarier than a truly camouflaged , highly proficient hunter that just wants to rip your skull and spine out of you in one piece. And the clicking noises…I hate those.

4. The Thing

Frozen wasteland. No rescue possible. And now there is a spore that turns people into metamorphic maniacal killers. Oh yeah, let’s not forget the poor dog. This movie simultaneously sparked my interest in frozen wastelands and scarred me for life when it comes to watching ANYTHING with dogs that change into freakish creatures, including werewolves.

3. Crawlers from The Descent

I used to like caves. They are quiet, cool, and have gorgeous rock formations. Then I saw The Descent. Yeah, never again will I go into a cave. Ever. Albino flesh-eating blind creatures that can crawl along walls and ceilings? SCARY. The scene where one of the women is standing in a chamber, the lighting is terrible, shadows everywhere, and just behind her, you see this ghostly pale face full of nasty, sharp teeth looming over her…yeah, no caves.

2. Zombies

Okay, so they are prevalent nowadays, and probably should have been kept off the list but…it’s the only obvious monster that hasn’t been romanticized in some way. They’re dead, they could be a family member or friend, they never get tired, and all they want is to kill you and eat you. And although YOU can be killed in myriad ways, they can only be killed by separating the head from the body with more force than the average human can generate (they make it look easy in the movies-try cutting through a watermelon on the first try) or destroying the brain, which again, is harder than it looks.

1 . The Xenomorph from Alien

In the movies, space never seems to hold ANY good fortune. Why do we want to go out there when there are things like the Xenomorph’s? From the way they reproduce (chest cavity incubation after implantation via your THROAT) to the way they kill (acid and dual mouths with super skull punching power) they are by far the most terrifying to me of all the space and terrestrial monsters in the movie universe. And they are tall, fast, and can run on walls and ceilings. No thanks.

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Cubicle Decorating

When I left the world of big box retailing and moved into e-commerce, I found myself with cubicles of bare fabric. Not drab gray, but still, nothing exciting. I was used to having activity and sounds and windows, so the transition was a bit…shocking. I wanted to hang pictures and calendars, but I didn’t really want to use push pins for everything. A push pin through my husband’s head in a picture was a bit morbid for my liking.

A co-worker saw me struggling with the dilemma and offered me a secret stash of Velcro strips that became heaven sent to me. I need to have stuff on my walls, and this solved the problem in a BIG way. Then she made the obvious comment, “You know, you do work for an office supply company, we have tons of stuff for cubicles.” In my defense, I had just started working for ReStockIt…

With the comment still fresh in my mind, I searched for “cubicle accessories” on our site and lo and behold, a new category of office supplies was opened to me. Bad idea, that, considering my addiction to office supplies, of which I have blogged about before. I never knew there was so much you could hang from your cubicle walls!

I have a fairly large desk, so I don’t need some of the stuff that we sell, but I went crazy buying clips and Velcro strips. I never have to worry about voodoo-like push pins again in someone’s head.  Actually, as I look around at my walls, I think they need to be rearranged…hmmm. How do you decorate your cubicle-away-from-home? With facts and figures or family pictures and goofiness?


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