Workplace Procrastination

I am procrastinating a little as I write this. I stare at the computer screen, willing the words to come to me. Then I get distracted by an inconsequential email, and I answer it for a bit of satisfaction that I’ve done something productive today. I have to admit, my brain isn’t fully focused on work today so I thought, why not a blog about procrastination?

It started out that I was going to blog about origami and how distracting it can be at work (if you know how to do it, that is) and while searching for research, I came across articles about how it’s used to procrastinate at work- you’re accomplishing something, so you get the boost from finishing it, but you’re not working either.

Current research and psychological studies point to the fact that we procrastinate more because we are overloaded with work. I’m sure your boss doesn’t think so, but the fact is, we are definitely overloaded. And overscheduled. And for us, with our (mostly) regimented minds, we can feel set adrift with too much to accomplish and not enough time to produce work. Its not that we don’t want to work, we just have so much to do that we’re completely overwhelmed and don’t want anyone to know.

So I bring to you some ways, in addition to origami, that you can procrastinate at work.

1)      Origami. Folding paper into fun shapes. Need I say more?

2)      Edit photos. In a way, it can be productive if you’re in that department at work, as long as you stick to work-related photos…

3)      E-mail. Technically, you’re working.

4)      Social Media- yeah, you know what sites I’m talking about.

5)      Make coffee. You’re energized and your co-workers love you for making more go-juice.

6)      Imgur, YouTube, that Cheezburger site…all perfectly excellent ways to procrastinate.


8)      Read. From your Kindle app on Amazon, or just a technical paper at work (if you like that kind of stuff)

9)      Get educated. Its procrastination and work rolled into one. You can learn new programs used at your company, or just find out how the spiny jungle squirrel stores its food for winter, but get educated!

10)   Making top ten lists.

So go out and procrastinate! Just make sure you make your deadlines!

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